Advancing Residential Education and Promoting Student Training in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

We recognise the importance of students’ success in life beyond graduation as an important outcome of liberal arts education at Lingnan. Preparing students to be responsible and caring citizens who will play a leading role in improving the well-being of fellow citizens is just as important as leading a meaningful life for themselves.

Service-learning project

Quality whole-person education and residential education are critical to student development at Lingnan. They prepare students to respond positively to novel situations and unstructured problems and to communicate effectively in academic, professional and social settings to achieve all-round excellence. We will continue to enrich service-learning by inspiring our students to address global humanistic challenges with an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship and leveraging on Design Thinking as an approach to problem solving and science and technology as additional tools in search of novel solutions:

Ongoing Developments

  • Increasing global internship and service-learning opportunities, particularly in developing economies, and widening the number of overseas internship destinations
  • Expanding the network of employers for internships and post-graduation work placements and helping students to understand the opportunities and challenges in the future workplace
  • Encouraging student participation in cross-institutional competitions
  • Providing more leadership training opportunities to students to sharpen their leadership skills
  • Adapting service-learning courses and projects to the needs of the non-major students
  • Enhancing the LEI Platform to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and increasing the number of entrepreneurial projects and activities by collaborating with local and regional innovation and entrepreneurial programmes and through engaging volunteers and mentors
Service-learning project at Uganda
Cross-institutional training
Leadership training

New Initiatives

  • To launch an Entrepreneurship Minor and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education
  • To increase the percentage of students taking part in entrepreneurship, internships, leadership trainings and other forms of experiential learning projects and opportunities
  • To develop well-being programmes through joint efforts between the Student Services Centre and the Wofoo Joseph Lee Consulting and Counselling Psychology Research Centre
  • To strengthen students’ science and technology literacy so students will understand how careers in the future might evolve with the adoption of different technologies
  • To enhance campus-wide cross-cultural experiences, including the development of programmes that promote cross-cultural appreciation through residential education