Planning Context

Despite the many achievements we have made in implementing initiatives under the Strategic Plan 2016-2022, we also realise the University is facing new challenges. The outcome of the 2019-2022 Triennium Planning Exercise and a multitude of changing externalities as described below demand that we reflect strategically on areas that need adjustment, improvement and advancement, particularly in alignment with our vision and mission.

Teaching & learning with students

We are aware that our student recruitment, programme development and financial sustainability will be affected by factors like the intensified competition in the higher education sector in Hong Kong and globally, the continued loss of undergraduate student places following the 2019-2022 Triennium Planning Exercise, the constraint of our small size and the enrollment cap, and the loss of research block grant funding allocated to the University.

Internally, we are aware that we must strive to improve student satisfaction with their learning experience, promote teaching innovation, curriculum renewal and pedagogical development, and enhance our research capacity and performance to inform teaching as well as to contribute to knowledge through scholarship.