Expanding Postgraduate Education

Research Postgraduate (RPg) education is a key component of Lingnan University’s aspirations to be a leading university known for its undergraduate liberal arts education and its world-class research involving both faculty and postgraduate students.

The Launch of Doctor of Policy Studies (DPS) Programme

Research postgraduate students currently comprise less than 3% of the total University student population. Our goal is to increase this ratio to 5%. We also plan to gradually increase the intake of taught postgraduate (TPg) students to around 1,000 by 2025. To achieve both targets, we are committed to forging international research platforms and developing joint professional doctoral programmes in order to create a critical mass of postgraduate students at Lingnan that, when embedded in the network of international research platforms, facilitates postgraduate learning and research:

Ongoing Developments

  • Expanding the number of TPg programmes including the launch of a professional doctoral programme to complement the teaching and learning of UG and RPg programmes
  • Partnering with overseas universities to develop joint MPhil/PhD programmes

New Initiatives

  • To internationalise taught postgraduate and research postgraduate programmes through partnerships and collaborations with renowned Mainland and overseas institutions and to promote inter-university academic programmes of high strategic importance
  • To increase and strengthen support provided at the Faculty level for TPg programmes for consistency and alignment of overall standard and Quality Assurance (QA) at programme, faculty and central levels
  • To expand the number of RPg students supported by UGC and non-UGC funded sources to create a critical mass of postgraduate students required for a more lively research environment
  • To establish a School of Graduate Studies to provide a better and more coherent administrative support system for research and taught postgraduate students and to lead development and change in postgraduate programme administration
  • To deepen collaboration in research and postgraduate studies in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  • To reach out and collaborate with local strategic partners to provide professional/postgraduate training programmes