Support Fund for 2020 Graduates

The outbreak of COVID-19 has threatened the well-being of everyone in Hong Kong and beyond. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our 2020 graduates have missed some valuable opportunities associated with a normal university life. Moreover, the pandemic has casted a shadow over the future of this year’s graduates who will face a shrinking job market this summer.

In order to support our 2020 graduates in dealing with the adverse economic impact of the pandemic, the President and the Vice-President have decided to donate 10% of their annual salary to initiate the “Support Fund for 2020 Graduates” (the Fund) for the benefits of over 600 graduates this year. Overseen by a Task Force, the Fund will be used to support the graduates in the following major aspects:


We sincerely appeal to every one of you, as an invaluable member of the Lingnan community, to join hands with us. Your generous support in making a donation to the Fund or providing other non-monetary contributions, be they job, internship or community service opportunities, will be extremely meaningful and important to our graduating students.

Together we shall overcome and get through this difficult time.

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Should you have any enquiries about the Fund, please contact our colleagues at

Thank you very much in advance for your support.