Lingnan University 50th Anniversary in Hong Kong Celebration Banquet - Online Enrolment
Organizer:Lingnan University
Date: 20 January 2018 (Saturday)

Date 日期:

20 January 2018, Saturday 星期六

Time 時間:

6:30pm - Cocktail 酒會
7:30pm - Banquet 晚宴

Venue 地點:

Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Fee 費用:





Enquiry 查詢:

HK$28,000 per Jubilee Table (12 guests) 
HK$15,000 (Early Bird Discount) / HK$20,000 per table (12 guests) 
HK$1,500 (Early Bird Discount) / HK$2,000 per seat
HK$500 per seat (For students only)

港幣28,000元一席金禧席 (十二位)
港幣15,000元 (早鳥優惠) / 港幣20,000元一席 (十二位)
港幣1,500元 (早鳥優惠) / 港幣2,000元一位
港幣500元 (只供學生)

2616-8976 / 

Early Bird Deadline 早鳥優惠截止日期: 15 November 2017 (Wednesday)

Enrolment Deadline 截止報名日期: 15 December 2017 (Friday)
Online enrolment is applicable to credit card payment only. 網上報名只適用於信用卡付款。

Registration already ended on Saturday, December 16, 2017 12:00:00 AM