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Teaching and Learning

Community Service

Community Service

We serve to learn, and learn to serve.


At Lingnan, community service is an integral part of campus life. We emphasise diversity in both teaching and learning, and use “Education for Service” as our guiding motto. Students are given many chances to engage in various service projects, which facilitate their development as an all-rounded individual with a social conscience. Through active community work, students have a real-life opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills, and to experience personal growth and fulfilment. They also gain a sense of social responsibility, learn about people from different walks of life, and enhance their organisational, management and communication skills.

Service-Learning is such a pedagogy actualising this long-standing motto of Lingnan. Different from community services, Service-Learning programme enables students to put theory into practice, and deliver meaningful services to the community based upon academic knowledge and research elements. Since the establishment of the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) at Lingnan University in 2006, a series of local and international service-learning programmes have become well-established. Through collaboration with academic departments and community partners, service-learning has been well integrated into the curriculum.

Starting from 2016-17, Service-Learning will become a graduate requirement, signifying our commitment to community engagement and deep learning through experience.