In a world where the change and disruptions driven by new technologies often dominate everyday discourse, it is important to remember that a life well-lived also requires the balance that comes with a proper appreciation of the humanities. At many universities, those subjects, ranging from philosophy and languages to art, literature, social sciences and more, have long been at the heart of the curriculum. But in fast-moving times, their place and popularity tend to come under scrutiny, making it essential to adapt where necessary, while also emphasising the tangible, long-term benefits that derive for students, graduates and future employers. Late June’s inaugural Times Higher Education (THE) Liberal Arts Forum, co-hosted by Lingnan University, examined a host of key issues within the context of higher education in Asia.

The two-day online event featured a series of wide-reaching and thought-provoking discussions, which gave expert speakers the chance to address questions relevant to everyone interested in the field and the role liberal arts plays in shaping the ideas, outlooks and objectives that define modern society.

Discussion Topics

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