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Teaching and Learning Centre

Blended Learning /e-Learning tools

Online Real-Time Teaching and Learning


1. Online live session at a scheduled time.

2. Broadcasting a recorded lecture at the scheduled class time with the teacher providing live online interactions to engage students.

3. Recorded lectures available at any time for viewing, accompanied by a scheduled time for teacher-student interactions.

Below is a guide on choosing the right tools:

PDF  Additional Guide to Real Time Teaching and Learning (TLC-v1-200206-rev)

Big Blue Button

BBB is a live (synchronous) web conferencing and virtual classroom tool that enables instructors to host live online lectures, workshops and office hours. BBB is easy to use and fully supported by the Teaching and Learning Centre. It is simple to set up a session, load a presentation, answer questions, and record the session.

Recording a BBB session

PDF Quick Guide for virtual-classroom

PDF Quick Guide for Using Online Chat in Moodle

Zoom for Live (Real-Time) Teaching and Learning

Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing and online real-time teaching solution which supports communication between various platforms, including but not limited to mobile devices, desktops, and telephones. Up to 300 participants could join the meeting / online class without any time limit. Lingnan University has subscribed the service that is available at This service is accessible in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other overseas countries.

For information on Zoom, please visit ITSC's webpage:

Producing Online Content

PowerPoint with Narrative

All you need is a current version of PowerPoint, which is provided by the University through Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Below is an video instruction:   


You can use Panopto to create video lecture for your students. Please refer to the guide below:

PDF Recording and posting video and audio lectures with Panopto


Conducting Online Assessment

Online assessment methods

The aim of these guides are to provide you with some suggested methods to conduct online assessment and information of their feasibility and potential limitations for you to make an informed decision.

PDF TLC-eLearning-Online-Assessment-Quick-Guide_v2

Recorded video and audio assignment

A Moodle forum can be used to allow students to record and post video and audio files through  Panopto. Please refer to the guide below on how to set it up:

PDF Instruction guide for teachers

PDF Instruction guide for students



PDF LU-eLearning-Quick_Guide_to Student (TLC-v1-191115)

Posting Continuous Assessment (CA) grades

Moodle grade book can be used. You can create a grade item and import a CVS file into the Moodle Grade book.
Please contact James (  for support