Department of Translation


Message from the Department Head

booksAt Lingnan you'll get a liberal arts education, which means you'll learn to think for yourself under the guidance of tradition. On this foundation, our translation program builds bilingual and epistemological competence for a career inside or outside translation. In other words, you’ll learn to write well in two languages, and you’ll learn a lot of stuff, especially in the final year project, in which you’ll translate a text of about ten-thousand words of your own choosing. Then, when you leave Lingnan, you might go on to research translation, to translate freelance, or to work in business, industry, and government, but whatever you do you’ll likely be well-remunerated. In fact, translation graduates have enjoyed the highest monthly averages in graduate employment surveys at Lingnan. We’re not saying material success is the most important thing, just that it is important. As the novelist Robertson Davies put it, “Money, it is often said, does not bring happiness; it must be added, however, that it makes it possible to support unhappiness with exemplary fortitude.” So welcome to Lingnan Translation! Make the most of your time here, have fun, and good luck.




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