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Research Interests of Staff, 2022-2023


Staff Member

Research Interests

Prof. LUNG Wai-chu, Rachel

Interpreting studies;
History of translation;
History of Interpreting

Prof. HUI Ting-yan, Isaac

Literary and translation studies;
Literary and cultural theory;
Translation theory

Prof. BAI Liping

Translation studies;
History of translation in China

Prof. BAI Yunfei

Adaptation Studies;
The Translation of Buddhist Texts from Chinese and Tibetan into European Languages;
Censorship in Translation;
Comparative-Historical Linguistics;

Prof. STERK Darryl Cameron

Film and fiction from Taiwan;
Indigenous translation studies;
Role of grammatical analysis in stylistics;
Translation Pedagogy

Prof. LI Bo

History of Translation;
Literary Translation;
Translation and Gender;

Prof. LIN Qingyang 

Literary Translation;
The social and cultural history of writing China in the West;
The translation and reception of classical Chinese literature;
Ideas/modes of translation across ages and cultures

Prof. LUO Wenyan

Translation Studies;
Sociology of Translation;
Translation Production and Dissemination (process-oriented);
Translation History;
China in the West;
Translator Studies

Prof. MORAR Florin-stefan

History of translation;
History of Sino-Western relations;
History of Science;
Computer aided translation;
CDigital Humanities;
Translation of science and technology

Dr. WONG Wai Yi Dorothy

Translation studies;
Theatre translation;

Mr. YEUNG Wang Tung, Ivan

Medical Translation;
Art and Music Translation;
Museum Translation;
Nature and Travel Writing;
Cultural Studies