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All courses in the MATS programme carry three credits each except Dissertation and Translation Project, which are six-credit courses.

The programme requires the completion of 30 credits, which include 15 credits from required courses, and 15 credits from elective courses.

A distinctive feature of the programme is the study of translation in its cultural context. The emphasis is on translation not as mere transfer of linguistic meaning but as an operation under certain socio-cultural constraints and for certain purposes. This feature can be found not only in the theoretical courses but also in most of the practical courses. It entails a leaning towards cross-disciplinary education rather than vocational training, which is in line with Lingnan University’s Liberal Arts ethos.

The courses of the programme are tentatively as follows:

Theoretical Courses Practical Courses
Required Courses TRA501 Translation Theory: Traditional and Modern
TRA503 Chinese-English Translation
 TRA502 Methods in Translation and Interpreting Research
Required Elective Courses TRA516 Dissertation
TRA517 Translation Project
Elective Courses TRA504 Advanced Translation Studies TRA505 Business Translation (C-E)
TRA508 History of Translation and Interpreting in China TRA506 Comparative Language Studies
TRA512 Translation and Culture TRA507 Computer-aided Translation *
TRA513 Translation Criticism TRA509 Journalistic Translation (C-E)
TRA510 Legal Translation
TRA511 Literary Translation (C-E)
TRA514 Translating for Popular Culture
TRA515 Translating for the Creative Industries

In Term 1, students will take three required courses and two elective courses. The required courses are: “Translation Theory: Traditional and Modern”, “Methods in Translation and Interpreting Research”, and “Chinese-English Translation”. These courses will lay a solid foundation for all the other theoretical and practical courses.

In Term 2, students are required to take either Dissertation or Translation Project, besides three elective courses.

Most of the courses consist of a two-hour lecture and a one-hour tutorial per week.

*Thank you Memsource for granting us free access to the platform through the memsource Academic Edition.