Department of Translation


BA (Hons) in Translation, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Corporate Communication


Programme Structure:

Intake 2022-23


Programme Overview

Developing bilingual competency in English and Chinese

BA (Hons) in Translation, Cross-cultural studies, and Corporate Communication, offered by the Department of Translation, provides students with a quality bilingual and cross-cultural education. On graduating, they will have a high level of linguistic awareness and competence in Chinese and English, in addition to a critical and creative mindset. In this programme, equal emphasis is placed on the academic and practical study of translation, to which students are introduced through wide range of courses: different genres of specialized translation, interpreting, linguistics, and translation theory, criticism, and history.


Balancing practical and academic excellence

The programme design ensures a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares students for success in their future careers. The practical translation courses cater to the needs of the job market, while other courses train students’ critical thinking and prepare them for postgraduate studies. A final-year, six-credit capstone translation or research project helps students strike the right balance between language proficiency and translation skills on the one hand and cross-cultural studies on the other. Many graduates say these projects, which feature individual supervision, are the most valuable learning experience at Lingnan.


Unique streams of Cross-cultural studies and Corporate Communication

The programme’s dual emphasis on cross-cultural studies and corporate communication is unique in Hong Kong. New courses have thus been introduced for the programme to cater to changing needs in the work place. These include Introduction to Computer-aided Translation, Corporate Communication and Translation, Localization and Project Management, Translation for Advanced Industries, Subtitling: Issues in Audio-visual and Digital Translation, Translation and Sino-Western Cultural Exchange, World Literature and Translation, Studies on Translators, Eco-translation, and Soft Power and Translation. Students who take these courses will find themselves even more competitive in the job market. Alternatively, they can pursue postgraduate studies in a number of disciplines, in Hong Kong or overseas.



Annual Translation Project prizes are awarded to four outstanding students who demonstrate excellent translation skills and produce final-year projects of exceptional quality. In addition, there are two Department of Translation Scholarships as a further source of motivation.



Language skills for career advancement 

In a tri-lingual and bi-literate society like Hong Kong, there is consistently a strong demand for university graduates with effective bilingual skills. Our graduates are quite competitive in a wide range of sectors where good bilingual skills are required. They are often hired as translators, administrators, teachers, and executives in the public and private sectors.


Graduate/ Student Sharing 

The Translation Programme of Lingnan is multifaceted, which goes beyond mere imparting knowledge at the academic level, but also helps develop students’ intellectual capacities to make critical and objective judgements. The professors, each with a love for language and a passion for teaching, are so inspiring that I am more than grateful for their advice and encouragement during my time at Lingnan. The curriculum is broad and balanced, introducing students to different text types and translation approaches, equipping us with the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent intermediaries in text- or speech-based interlingual communication. What I have learned in the past four years, academically and personally, has made me a more well-rounded and mature individual.


Carmen Ka Man YEUNG

BA (Hons) Translation, 2018 Graduate