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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Translation

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In a multilingual and multicultural city like Hong Kong, translation plays an important role in both daily and professional life. The BA (Honours) in Translation programme provides students with a well-rounded education in bilingual studies, producing graduates with the capacity to adapt to different linguistic and cultural situations, cultivating their confidence to pursue jobs in translation and related fields such as education, administration, journalism and public relations.

Programme Structure

The programme design ensures a broad and balanced curriculum with practical translation courses catering to the needs of the job market, to train students’ critical thinking and prepare them for postgraduate studies. To learn more view full programme details below:

2021-22 intake

2020-21 intake

2019-20 intake

Programme Required Courses:

Students have to take compulsory courses need to be taken in the first 4 years.

Programme Elective Courses:

(Total 6 courses, 18 credits, to be taken from Years 2 to 4)

Students have to take at least two courses (6 credits) from each category of elective courses, for a total of four courses, and the remaining two elective courses can be chosen by the students from either category.

# Students who have taken TRA3201 General Interpreting (C-E) or TRA3202 General Interpreting (E-C) are not allowed to take this course.
@ Students who have taken TRA4301 Advanced Interpreting (C-E) or TRA4302 Advanced Interpreting (E-C) are not allowed to take this course.
^^ Students who have taken TRA4323 Legal Translation (C-E) and TRA4324 Legal Translation (E-C) are not allowed to take this course.

English Language Requirements

Students admitted from the 2017-18 intake, including students admitted to first year or directly to second year or above, are required to satisfy the following English language requirements.

Special Note for 2020-2021 intake

Effective from Term 2, 2020-21, students will take the Password Test in place of DELTA. An administrative system for booking of test sessions will be accessible on CEAL’s website (details to be announced by CEAL). Students are fully subsidised for their required attempt(s) for taking the Password Test in place of DELTA. If students would like to take the Test voluntarily, it would be at students’ own cost.

I. Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA)

  1. Undergraduate students who are admitted to Year 1 or directly to Year 2 are required to take DELTA twice respectively in their first year and second year of studies at Lingnan.
  2. Undergraduate students who are directly admitted to year 3 are required to take DELTA in their first year of study at Lingnan.
  3. Native English speakers who are exempted from taking the following courses are exempted from this requirement:
    • For students admitted in 2018-19 or before: required LCE courses, viz. English for Communication I, II & III.
    • For students admitted from 2019-20: University English I, University English II, English Language Enhancement elective(s) and Discipline-related professional communication course.

II. English Language Graduation Requirement

An overall band score of 6.5 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic) is set as the University-wide English language minimum graduation requirement while students of the following programmes shall attain different minimum threshold scores:

Major ProgrammeMinimum Overall Band Score in IELTS (Academic)
Bachelor of Arts in Translation, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Corporate Communication7.0

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