Department of Translation



Department of Translation
Research Interests of Staff

Staff Member

Research Interests

Prof. LUNG Wai-chu, Rachel

Interpreting studies;
History of translation;
History of Interpreting

Prof. BAI Liping

Translation studies;
History of translation in China

Prof. LIANG Wen-chun

Translation and Interpreting Studies;
Sociology of Translation;
Translation of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature;
Translation of Regional Literature;
Translation of Less-serious Literature;
Translation and Interpreting Pedagogy;
Machine Translation in TCM Texts;

Prof. Linder Birgit Bunzel

Madness and Mental Illness in Literature and Culture;
Medical Humanities (China);
Chinese and Comparative Literature;
Literary Studies and Narratology (poetry and fiction);
German Literature;
Romantic and Gothic Literature;
Literary Translation;
Translation Studies;
History of Translation

Prof. CHAN Lung-jan, Andy

Sociological studies of translation;
Translation in Hong Kong

Prof. HUI Ting-yan, Isaac

Literary and translation studies;
Literary and cultural theory;
Translation theory

Prof. STERK Darryl Cameron

Film and fiction from Taiwan;
Indigenous translation studies;
Role of grammatical analysis in stylistics;
Translation Pedagogy