Lingnan Stories

Jan Yeung
Programme pursued in Lingnan University: Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) 1998
Present career: Head - Communications, The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Limited

Jan Yeung

Like one big family, together, we built a close-knit community on our small campus.

Jan Yeung

To many people, the business world conjures up a microcosm of society in pursuit of only fame and fortune. Despite her years of experience in the business sector, however, Jan Yeung has always impressed her bosses with her unfailing sincerity towards others and her initiative to take on responsibility. Having a heavy workload does not stop her from enjoying herself, thanks to a strong sense of mission.

True-blue Lingnanians

True to form, right at the beginning of the interview, Jan took the initiative to bring up her good old days on campus. "Throughout my three years as a Lingnan student, I had one of the best times of my life. For me and my classmates, the years bring back the fondest memories," she said, with nothing but praise for the arrangements of hostel life. "Back in the day, we only got to spend two out of three years in the hostel. Now it’s four out of four, right? As fellow residents of the hostel, we rubbed shoulders with each other on a daily basis. Like one big family, together, we built a close-knit community on our small campus." Her feelings are likely to be shared by others with similar experiences. The bits and pieces of campus life may seem run-of-the-mill. Only in hindsight can the true value of these friendships be seen. It is such camaraderie that helps us to bond with each other, enabling us to get together every now and then, and even take part in alumni activities on campus every year.

To Jan, whether on a personal or professional level, Lingnanians are really genuine. All her fellow graduates she has come across throughout her career have left her the same impression. "They have never failed to impress me with their sincerity. Not only are they good at handling both the personal and business sides of things, they also have such a hands-on approach to their work," she added. Jan was convinced that her university days were absolutely crucial to her character development, ingraining sincerity and integrity in her psyche. What’s more, she has learned to take each and every task in her profession seriously. "Having initiative is very important. Don’t be afraid of ending up with the short end of the stick or you’ll never learn. I, too, have made mistakes at work. But after owning up to the mistakes and correcting them as soon as possible, I have earned appreciation from my bosses," she elaborated.

A work ethic born out of a sense of mission

As Head of Communication at The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA), Jan was visibly thrilled when it came to talking about her work at the Association. "HKEIA is a well-established trade association in Hong Kong. Its objectives are to promote the electronics industry and, by organising all kinds of trade activities to foster exchange within the sector, to help its member companies to raise their professional standards and to enlarge their business network." Apart from this, HKEIA is responsible for reflecting members’ views to the relevant government departments so that the government can formulate the right policies. Managing internal and external communication aside, Jan is also in charge of organising trade fairs, trade missions, and other promotional activities, covering a wide spectrum. "My job entails juggling lots of different projects and collaborating with people across different trades and fields, not to mention lots of travelling, too. So it’s terribly hectic," she said. It is her mission to contribute to the blossoming of the electronics industry that has kept her going strong during her 14-year career with HKEIA.

With a contented smile, she shared what gave her the greatest satisfaction in her work. "At an international exchange event some years ago, I met the owners of some Japanese companies looking to establish contact with Hong Kong manufacturers. Finally, through HKEIA, they managed to come to Hong Kong for a visit to local manufacturers. This helped HKEIA member companies to successfully expand their business networks." Moreover, the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) was passed by the Legislative Council in 2016. In fact, HKEIA’s focus on environmental protection, and waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment dates back to the 1990s. The Association has since been in communication with the government and has co-founded the Hong Kong Green Manufacturing Alliance and The Hong Kong WEEE Alliance along with other trade associations. At present, HKEIA is serving as the secretariat of the two Alliances. Since the publication of the Consultation Paper on the PRS on WEEE by the Environmental Protection Department in 2009, HKEIA has maintained close contact with the government and has continued to submit proposals for its consideration. Jan said, "From time to time, the government may set certain objectives or introduce certain ideas without the full picture of how things are done in the industry. This is where HKEIA comes in––to provide the necessary data and details, and reflect members’ views. All this can help the government to take account of the stakeholders’ opinions in policymaking so that it can come up with better policies." Proud to be a member of HKEIA, Jan is pleased with the Association’s contributions to the industry and the community at large.

A broader vision for self-enhancement

Through her work at HKEIA over the years, Jan has had the opportunity to find out what has been going on in different walks of life around the world. That is how she has come to realise the importance of broadening one’s horizons. So she encourages Lingnan undergraduates to more actively participate in the events and competitions organised by commercial enterprises to enrich their experiences, and to go beyond the campus walls and venture out into the real world. In today’s fiercely competitive workplace, for those just starting out in their career, it is necessary to keep improving themselves. After setting clear goals, one should work towards them step by step. Currently studying a master’s degree, Jan is the living proof of how we can keep working hard and keep improving ourselves.