Lingnan Stories

Harry Wong
Programme pursued at Lingnan University: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Major in Marketing) 2003
Present career: Enterpreneur / Significant shareholder of Guru Online

Harry Wong

Looking back, I am truly thankful for what Lingnan and my university friends offered me – countless opportunities, trust and support.

Harry Wong

While many HongKongers, parents in particular, believe in "winning at the starting line" and pushing themselves and their children to meet this mantra, the story of Harry Wong, a successful entrepreneur and Lingnan alumnus, demonstrates that nothing can go wrong if you have faith in life and pursue what you believe in.

Thirteen years ago when Wong received his Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) result, he could not have imagined that his career could be as bright as it is now. Wong had only scored 11 marks and at the time the minimum admission score to Form 6 was on average a score of 14 marks. Yet, Wong never gave up. He continued to study and was eventually admitted to Lingnan after the A-level examination. "I was determined to go to Lingnan since Form 5. I yearned for hall life and knew that I would have more opportunities at Lingnan than at other universities," he says. "I read six newspapers everyday and joined more than 50 conferences and seminars in a year not merely for academic requirements or achievements, but because I wanted to be a better person," Wong recalls.

Work hard to gain a professional edge

As an active marketing major, Wong grasped all the opportunities to develop into a versatile person through joining activities such as the Young Leadership Development Programme, AIA Leadership Training Programme, Chinese Debate Team and English Debate Team, to name but a few. "I didn't perform well in the Chinese Debate Team, yet I treasured the opportunity to brush up on my presentation skills, which proved to be a valuable asset in my career development," he says. By the time Wong graduated, he was so well-equipped that he secured a well-paid PR job for a property developer.

Yet, his early career was not a smooth one. Just as Wong had started to settle into his new job, the company announced a drastic change in employment terms which left Wong with no other option than to resign after having only joined the company for four months. Lost and frustrated as a young man, he went back to his alma mater and sought advice from his best friends. Knowing his talents and capabilities, they all encouraged him to set up his own company, which has proven to be the right advice and a right move for Wong.

The road to success

With extraordinary courage and acumen, Wong started a business trading MP3 devices. Within five years, the scope of the business expanded to other products and he began to enjoy the fruits of his labour. In 2010, Wong saw potential in AdBeyond (Group) Limited, a digital marketing services company, and he invested HK$2 million into the company. It was subsequently listed on the stock market in 2015 as Guru Online (Holdings) Limited. "Looking back, I am truly thankful for what Lingnan and my university friends offered me – countless opportunities, trust and support. It is truly an all-round education which made me who I am and what I have today," he says.