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Awarded a grant of HK$60,000 through the Emerging Artist Scheme from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC)

CHOW Tsz Leong

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Studies (2018)

LAU Ching Lam

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Studies (Year 4 student)

The VS graduate student CHOW Tsz Leong, VS student LAU Ching Lam and another Chinese graduate student LAM Sze Wan were awarded a grant of HK$60,000 through the Emerging Artist Scheme from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). (For the list of awardees of the Project Grant in 2018, please click here). The funding supports the team to produce a documentary film "Forgivable but unforgettable". The film project originated from one of their assignments in the course "VIS3353 Non-fiction Film", taught by Dr CHEUNG Tit leung in second term of 2017-18. To address the issue of depression among teenagers in Hong Kong, the group decided to extend their work after finishing the course. They applied for the Project Grant from HKADC in order to achieve their goals.

About the documentary film - "Forgivable but unforgettable"


CHOW Tsz Leong Wan (VS graduate)
LAM Sze Wan (Chinese graduate)
LAU Ching Lam (VS student)


The Lau family was separated when the mother is diagnosed with schizophrenia. The only chance for them to meet is a meal which happens nearly once a month. Meanwhile, the little daughter has left home for two years that her wound has barely healed. How could she face her unwanted past? The son who stays with his mother follows his music dream. How does his mother affect him? This documentary is not about schizophrenia, but the scars between the two generations.

About the HKADC grant

The HKADC Project Grant supports a wide range of activities including performances, exhibitions, publications, educational programmes, community/promotional projects, creation of artworks, research/archival works, arts criticism, training, conferences/seminars/talks, cultural exchange, film and media production etc.

The key objective of HKADC is to plan, promote and support the broad development of the arts. Project Grant mainly supports visual arts, drama, xiqu, literary arts, music, dance, film and media arts, and cross/multi-disciplinary arts.