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Crossroads in Time

VS Term-end Student Exhibition of 2nd term 2021-22

This exhibition Crossroads in Time celebrates a collection of engaging works created by students who have enrolled in various studio courses at the Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University in the 21/22 academic year. The exhibition includes watercolour drawing, video works, cyanotype print, stop-motion animation, and textile work. These works demonstrate the students’ mastery of technical skills in their respective art practices as well as their dedication in their artistic research.

Situated at the crossroads of a challenging time, both globally and locally, the students drew inspiration from their observation of the city and its people, archival materials from artists and institutions, their own daily experiences, or purely from their fantasies to create their artworks. As a result, this virtual exhibition serves as a reminder of crucial humanistic values, such as empathy and resilience, necessitated in trying times.

For your best viewing experience, you are recommended to use computer:

For viewing via computer, you may also use "Enter Full Screen" in the menu VISUAL STUDIES Image ALT after you have entered the virtual exhibition.

If you are not browsing the virtual exhibition with computer, please use this link:

Participating Students

CAI Ue Ning Helen

CHAN Shiu Chun Prix

CHAU Kwan Yin

CHOW Ling Chee

CHUA Kwai Wa Lily

FAN Yujian Curt

DESIERTO Josaya Josh

HO Yu Ting Kelly

LAO Hoi Ki

LI Weijia Wendy

LI Yuying

NG Sin Ying Bella

Ng Tsun Yan Cheyenne


SHENG Xinyi Stella


WONG Wan Ling

YAU Tsz Wing Kiki