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Prof. Rafael DE CLERCQ

Associate Professor

Department of Visual Studies Lingnan University

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

Faculty of Arts

Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy



  • Academic & Professional Qualifications

    • Candidate, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Institute of Philosophy (1995).

    • Licentiate, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Institute of Philosophy (1997).

    • Affiliate PhD Student, University College London, Department of Philosophy (2000).

    • PhD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Institute of Philosophy (2002).

    • Academic Visitor, Oxford University, Department of Philosophy (2002, Fall).

  • Areas of Interest

    • Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Analytic Philosophy.

  • Working Experience

    • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University (2013-Present).

    • Associate Professor and Head, Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University (2013-2017).

    • Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University (2008-2013).

    • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University (2009-2013).

    • Guest Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Tilburg University (2005).

    • Postdoctoral Fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research -Flanders (2002-2008).

  • Journal articles and book chapters

    • De Clercq, Rafael (forthcoming) 'The Historical Ontology of Art', The Philosophical Quarterly.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2019) ‘Aesthetic Pleasure Explained’, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 77:2, 121-132.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2017) 'Does the debate about cinematic motion rest on a mistake?', Analysis 77:3, 519-525.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2017) 'Huemer on Immigration and the Preservation of Culture', Philosophia 45:3, 1091-1098.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2015) 'The Lazy Person's Approach to Depiction', Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 73:2, 95-104.

    • Sesardic, Neven & Rafael De Clercq (2014) ‘Women in Philosophy: Problems with the Discrimination Hypothesis’, Academic Questions 27:4, 461-473.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2014) 'Building Plans as Natural Symbols', Architecture Philosophy 1:1, 61-78.

    • De Clercq, Rafael, Wai-Yin Lam & Jiji Zhang (2014) 'Is There a Problem with the Causal Criterion of Event Identity?', American Philosophical Quarterly 51:2, 109-119.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2013) 'A Simple Solution to the Paradox of Negative Emotion', in Jerrold Levinson (ed.) Suffering Art Gladly: The Paradox of Negative Emotion in Art. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2013) 'Locke's Principle is an Applicable Criterion of Identity', Noûs 47:4, 697-705.

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    • De Clercq, Rafael (2008a) 'Lopes on the Ontology of Japanese Shrines', Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. With a reply from Dominic McIver Lopes in the same issue (discussion section).

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    • De Clercq, Rafael (2007a) 'A Note on the Aesthetics of Mirror Reversal', Philosophical Studies 132:3, pp. 553-563.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2006) 'Presentism and the Problem of Cross-Time Relations', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 72:2, pp. 386-402. Reprinted in Ernâni Magalhães and L. Nathan Oaklander, eds. (2010) Presentism: Essential Readings. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

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  • Book reviews

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2016) Review of Resemblance and Representation: An Essay in the Philosophy of Pictures, by Ben Blumson, British Journal of Aesthetics 56:3, 317-320.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2015) Review of The Aesthetics of Design, by Jane Forsey, Mind 124:494, 627-630.

    • De Clercq, Rafael (2014) Review [book note] of The Critical Imagination by James Grant, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 92:1, 208-209.