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Visual Studies Logo

The current logo of the Department of Visual Studies (VS) was designed by our graduate, Miss Chan See Ting in October 2014. Since then, this design has appeared in different departmental publicity materials in order to strengthen our visual and brand identity.


The graphic design of the VS logo denotes the abbreviation of Visual Studies.


  • The yellowish-orange V symbolizes a pencil which is the basic tool of writing, drawing and design for developing concepts, conveying ideas, facilitating communication and expressing creativity—the learning process of VS students in their study of aesthetics, art history, film studies and other subjects.
  • The bluish-green S suggests the green campus and open sky of Lingnan University and its infinite possibilities.

The interlocking pattern and the various angles pointing outwards and upwards of the VS logo signify the creative spirit, diverse qualifications and broad horizons of VS faculty, who develop and teach interdisciplinary programmes, covering a wide spectrum of visual arts and cultures across times.


The English typeface of the VS logo is DIN, while the Chinese typeface is Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro (ヒラギノ丸ゴ Pro). Both of them are sans-serif typeface, representing simplicity and contemporaneity. They suggest the clear objectives of VS programmes and their importance in contemporary society.


Colors are carefully chosen to express the values and attitudes of VS people, including teachers, students and alumni. The yellowish-orange (amber) conveys enthusiasm, joy and creativity, while the bluish-green (teal) represents serenity and wisdom.