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Prof. Selina Chui Fun HO

Research Assistant Professor and MACAH Programme Director

Department of Visual Studies Lingnan University



  • Biography

    Prof. Ho teaches and researches in museum studies at the Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University. She completed her Ph.D. on an International Research Scholarship at the Asia Institute of the University of Melbourne (UoM) in Australia. She also holds an M.A. in museum studies from the University of Leicester, UK and an M.A. in literary and cultural studies from the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests cover creativity studies, exhibition histories, art museum studies in China, and the relationship between art and society in and of Asia. She has presented at international conferences, including the International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, the Asian Museum Network Conference and the International Conference of Asian Scholars. Her first monograph, Museum Processes in China: the institutional regulation, production, and consumption of art museums in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region, was published by Amsterdam University Press.

    Prof. Ho completed her professional training at the Burrell Collection of the Glasgow Museum, UK. She had worked at various cultural institutions and possessed solid work experience in the museum field. Her curated exhibitions include ‘Dialogues: Post-1997 Art Documentation Exhibition’, ‘Reverse Reality - the United States and Hong Kong young artists exchange project’, ‘“Re-orientation” exhibition for Heritage×Art×Design’, ‘Degeneration Art Exhibition’, ‘The Future of School Architecture’, and ‘Hong Kong’s Education Heritage’. Besides, she previously taught and/or researched at various local universities, including the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Hong Kong Baptist University.

  • Areas of interest

    Museum and curatorial studies, modern and contemporary art, art museums in China, production and consumption of art, asian cultural studies

  • Academic & Professional Qualifications

    • Ph.D. in Museum Studies, University of Melbourne (UoM)

    • M.A. in Museum Studies, University of Leicester

    • M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Hong Kong

    • B.A. in Public and Social Administration, City University, Hong Kong

  • Working Experience

    • Visiting Scholar, Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University (2017) (2019)

    • Lecturer and Research Fellow, the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (2013)

    • Curator, Hong Kong Museum of Education, Hong Kong University of Education (2010-2012)

    • Assistant Curator, Hong Kong Museum of History and Antiquities and Monuments Office (2008-2010)

    • Lecturer, the College of Complementary Studies Programme, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2008)

    • Manager, 1a space (2006-2007)

    • Museum Intern, Burrell Collection Museum, Glasgow, United Kingdom (2005)

    • Research Assistant, Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong (2002-2003)

    • Community Programme Executive and Producer, (HK) (1999-2000)

    • Exhibition Assistant, Hong Kong Film Archive (1997-1998)

    • Research Assistant, Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, Chinese University of Hong Kong (1996-1997)

  • Publications

    Book, book chapter, book review & journal articles

    • 2021.‘The role of Lo Ting in borderscaping Hong Kong: processes and possibilities’, Bordering Hong Kong: Aesthetics and Politics, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, 8(1). [forthcoming]

    • 2020. ‘Museum Processes in China: Institutional Regulation, Production, and Consumption of art museums in the Greater Pearl River Delta region’, Amsterdam University Press.

    • 2019. ‘Curatorial Agencies and the National Museum Dilemma at He Xiangning Art Museum in China’, Journal of museum management and curatorship, 34(3): 290-305.

    • 2019. with Vivian Ting. ‘Museological Activism and Cultural Citizenship: Collecting the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement’, Robert Janes and Richard Sandell, eds., Museum Activism, Routledge, 197-207. (Book recipient of Canadian Museum Association Awards of OutstandingAchievement for research in the cultural heritage sector).

    • 2018. ‘MAURIZIO PELEGGI. Monastery, Monument, Museum: Sites and Artifacts of Thai Cultural Memory, Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press’, Asian Studies Review, 43(2): 360-361.

    • 2016. ‘Between the Museum and the Public: negotiating the “Circuit of Culture” as an analytical tool for researching museums in China’, The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, 9(4): 17-31.

    • 2014. with Vivian Ting. ‘Meeting Warhol in the Exhibition: Visitors’ experience with art in the Hong Kong Museum of Art’, Vincent Tong, ed., Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2013, Hong Kong: Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 178-195.

    • 2007. ‘Huigui shinian qianhouhua ─ cong xianggang shijiao yishu lishi tanqi’ (Talkover/Handover: A perspective on the history of art creation in Hong Kong), Twenty-First Century, The Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 102:108-112. Reprinted in 2010, Contemporary Art & Investment, China: Inner Mongolia Daily, 5:11-13.

    Other publications

    • 2020. ‘yiqing xia bowuguan de yingbian ji tiaozhan’ (Responses and Challenges: Museums underthe Pandemic), Singtao, 14 Sept 2020.

    • 2013. ‘M+ wei shei chongqi’ (To whom does M+ inflate?), Standnews.

    • 2011. ‘Degenerate Art Exhibition - Where does error begin, and security end for the spirit?’, Teresa Chan, Stella Fong & Vivian Ting, eds., Catalogue - The Extended Gallery for Exhibiting Experiments ─ Experimenting Exhibitions, Hong Kong: Wrongplace, 89-93.

    • 2010. ‘Cong qipao kan bowuguan ruhe shuxie lishi’ (The Qipao exhibition - a perspective of history writing by the museum), C for Culture, Hong Kong: C For Culture Ltd, (10):44-45.

    • 2009. ‘Xianggang bowuguan weiqiang di daota’ (Hong Kong Museum without walls), Au Wai-lin, ed. C for Culture, Hong Kong: C For Culture Ltd, (15):33-35.

    • 2009. ed. ‘Reverse Reality’- an artist resident exchange program in Portland, the United States, Hong Kong: Sino Group. (bilingual)

    • 2007. co-ed. with wenyau, A documentary of Talkover/Handover, Hong Kong: 1a space. (bilingual)

    • 2007. ‘Duli cezhan “zai bentu”’ (Independent Curatorship ‘of our own’), Pan Ta-chien and Hsu He-chieh, eds. A Realm with No Coordinates: The Gaze and the Division in the Contemporary Art Creation of Taiwan and Hong Kong, Taiwan: Fei Hong Wen Hua Holding Co. Ltd, 36-37.

    • 2006. ‘Ho Chui Fun ping “xianggang huayuan” - yingguo zhuchang zhuchang yishujia jihua’ (Ho Chui-fun’s review of ‘Hong Kong Turf’ - British artist residence program), am post, Hong Kong: Artmap Ltd, (28):32.

  • Curatorial Experience

    • ‘Collection Image Database’ project, Hong Kong Museum of Education (HKME), Hong Kong University of Education (2011-12)

    • ‘Hong Kong’s Education Heritage: A Joint Exhibition of the Historical Treasures of School Sponsoring Bodies’ at HKME (2012)

    • ‘Revisiting Modern Teacher Education in Pre-1949 Chinese Universities - an exhibition of Minguo books donated by Dr. Lai Kwok Chan’ at HKME (2012)

    • ‘The Future of School Architecture’ at HKME (2012)

    • ‘Evolving Schools Pavilion for HK Exhibits Thematic Exhibition for the Hong Kong - Shenzhen Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture’ (in collaboration with the School of Architecture, CUHK), at Kowloon Park (2012)

    • ‘Rooftop schools to post-millennium schools: Post-war evolution of school buildings in Hong Kong’ at HKME (2011)

    • ‘Grantham College of Education Diamond Jubilee Art Exhibition - Exhibition of Artwork and History of GCE & its Past Students’ Association’ at HKME (2011)

    • ‘In Memory of Mr Szeto Wah Exhibition’ at HKME (2011)

    • ‘The Evergreen Classic -Transformation of the Qipao’ at Hong Kong Museum of History (2010)

    • ‘Exhibition experiment, experimenting exhibitions’ project, presented by Wrongplace at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, HK (2010)

    • ‘Re-orientation’ exhibition for Heritage × Art × Design, presented by Hulu Culture at Former Police Married Quarters in Central, HK (2010)

    • ‘Reverse Reality - Hong Kong and United States exchange program cum exhibition’, at Worksound gallery in Portland, the United States (2008), and at OC gallery of Sino Group, HK (2009)

    • ‘Dialogues: Post-1997 Art Documentation Exhibition’, co-presented by Asian Art Archive and 1a space, at 1a space, Cattle Depot Artist Village, HK (2007)

    • ‘Culture.Nature.Wanchai - art community project’ at Tai Wong East Amenity Park, Wanchai (2006)

    • ‘Turf in To Kwa Wan - by Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman’ (British artists-in-residence and community program) at 1a space, Cattle Depot Artist Village, HK (2006)

    • ‘The treasure of Film Archive: 10th Anniversary Exhibition’ at City Hall, HK (1997)

  • Conference and Seminar Presentations

    • Panel Speaker, ‘Creative Intervention and Media in the Cultural Public Sphere', Civic Interventions in the Age of Digital Asia Panel, 23rd Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, in Melbourne (2020) [cancelled]

    • Panel Speaker, ‘Art and institution: the politics of representation of contemporary art’, Contemporary art, society and representation in Asia Panel, 10th International Convention of Asia Scholars, organized by International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS), in Chiang Mai (2017)

    • Panel Speaker, ‘Between the Museum and the Public: negotiating the “Circuit of Culture” as an analytical tool for researching museums in China’, 8th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum: Museums as Civic Spaces, organized by Inclusive Museum, in India (2015)

    • Panel Speaker, ‘The Museum and the Public: Case studies of the Production and Consumption of Museums in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou’, Asia Institute Postgraduate Conference, organized by Asia Institute, University of Melbourne (2014)

    • Invited Speaker, ‘The Art Market and the Art Ecology in Hong Kong’, Public lecture: Asian art worlds: Collectors, curators, and critics, organized by Asialink and Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, (2014)

    • Panel Speaker, ‘Museums Beyond Boundaries - Evolving a Public Presence’, 12th Annual Meeting of the University Museums and Collection International Council (UMAC), organized by National University of Singapore, Singapore, (2012) [Decline]

    • Invited Speaker, ‘Spaces of Learning and Experiment - Open Collection: Development of an image database’, Asian Museum Network Conference, organized by Leisure Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong SAR Government in collaboration with Vitra Design Museum, HK Design Centre & Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2012)

    • Invited Speaker, ‘Oral History Collecting and Display’, Voices and Hong Kong History - Oral History Seminar and Workshop, organized by HK Archives Society, Hong Kong Heritage Project & Hong Kong University Space (2012)

    • Invited Speaker, ‘School Memory Project’, lecture, organized by Hong Kong Memory Project of Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong (2012)

    • Invited Speaker, ‘Glocality of Post 97 Hong Kong Art’, Round table, organized by Department of Culture and Religion, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007)

  • Awards and Honors

    • UGC Early Career Grant (2020/2021)

    • Early Career Scheme (ECS) , UGC (2020/2021)

    • Conference Grant, Lingnan University (2020)

    • Research Seed Fund, Lingnan University (2019)

    • Asia Institute Graduate Research Award, UoM (2017)

    • Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scholarship, UoM (2017)

    • Ph.D. Fieldwork Grant, the Faculty of Arts, UoM (2015)

    • Melbourne International Research Scholarship, UoM (2014)

    • Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship, UoM (2014)

    • Project Grant (Visual Art), Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2008)

    • Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project), Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Government (2008)

    • The 7th Annual Art Competition Finalist (Painting) award, Philippe Charriol Foundation (2002)

  • Professional Services

    • Conference Co-convener, Then and Now: Collecting and Exhibiting Art and Culture in Asia (2021), Lingnan University.

    • Invited speaker, GRF/ECS: Writing Quality Proposals – Sharing on Zoom, organised by the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer, Lingnan University, 23 July 2020.

    • Journal Reviewer, Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites (2019)

    • Organizer, ‘What is Your Name? (Siapa Nama Kamu): The Making of the National Gallery Singapore’, public lecture by Seng Yu Jin (Senior Curator of the National Gallery Singapore) at Lingnan University (2017)

    • Organizer, ‘Experiments in Museum Learning in the 21st Century’, public lecture by Stella Fong (Lead Curator, Learning and Interpretation, M+) at Lingnan University (2017)

    • Associate Editor, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum (2015)

    • Placement Supervisor, Postgraduate Diploma in Museum Studies, Hong Kong University Space & University of Sydney (2012)

    • Committee Member, Education Heritage Committee, Hong Kong University of Education (2011-2012)

    • Initiator and Coordinator, ‘Museum and Good Society’, public seminar by Professor Richard Sandell (then Director of School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester), co-presented by Hong Kong Museum of History (HKMH) & Hong Kong Museum of Education at HKMH (2011)