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Current Students

Current Students will find the information they need regarding some of the Department-specific practicalities of being a Visual Studies student here. In preparing their research papers, students are expected to follow a style sheet, just as they are expected to avoid intellectual dishonesty and to sign a form declaring that they understand what plagiarism is and have indeed avoided it in their submitted work.


The Chicago Humanities style sheet adopted by Visual Studies is available here, as are any number of other forms, guidelines, and questionnaires relevant to the day-to-day business of being a Visual Studies student.

Students are required to enclose their research papers with a signed Declaration regarding the Absence of Plagiarism.


The Department regularly communicates with students, about internship opportunities, Board meetings, Staff/Student consultative committees, and any number of other important matters. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Main Office has his or her most up-to-date email address and phone number. As an integral part of their professional ethos, Visual Studies students are expected to check their Lingnan email accounts on a regular basis.

Students have an opportunity to liaise with the Department about a wide range of issues, through the Departmental Board, for example, and through the Staff/Student consultative committee. A student representative who is unable to attend a scheduled meeting is expected to notify the Main Office. He or she is also expected to send another student to the meeting in his or her stead, and to let the Main Office know who this student is.

The terms of reference for the Staff Student Consultative Committee is available here.


Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes

Grading Pro-Forma

Exit Survey

Studio Practice Expectations Survey

Directed Research Project Application Form