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Postgraduate Programmes


The Department welcomes application for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The period of study of MPhil programmes is normally two years for full-time and three years for part-time students. The period of study for PhD programmes is normally three years for full-time and five years for part-time students with a relevant Master's degree.

Areas of Research Interest of VS Faculty

Prof. Emilie Yueh Yu YEH, Lam Wong Yiu Wah Chair Professor of Visual Studies; BA (NSYSU), MA (UMUC), PhD (USC)

Early film history, Media industry, East Asian cinema, Chinese Wenyi pictures

Prof. Rafael DE CLERCQ, Associate Professor; BA, PhD (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Aesthetics, metaphysics, analytic philosophy

Prof. Michelle Ying Ling HUANG , Associate Professor; BBA, MA (HKUST); MLitt, PhD (St Andrews)

Cross-cultural exchange on art and curating, history of collecting and display of Chinese painting, art of the Chinese diaspora, art and globalization

Prof. Huiping PANG, Assistant Professor; BA, MA (NTNU), PhD (CAFA), PhD (Stanford University)

Premodern Chinese painting and calligraphy, court and politics in imperial China, transnational trade in maritime Asia, nomadic culture along the silk roads

Prof. Sophia Suk Mun LAW , Associate Professor; BA, MPhil, PhD (HKU)

Art and trauma, modernity in Chinese painting, Hong Kong art and local visual cultures, aesthetics of Chinese painting and calligraphy

Application Method

Fellowships and Studentships

A full-time PhD student will normally be awarded with either a PhD Fellowship or a Postgraduate Studentship. A full-time MPhil student will normally be awarded a Postgraduate Studentship.

Research Postgraduate Student Conference/Field Trip Sponsorships

The University deems it important to provide support to research postgraduate students in academic activities, mainly conference attendance and conducting field trips, to nurture their academic and/or professional growth.

Research Postgraduate Scholarships for Overseas Research Visits

A full-time PhD student who wishes to undertake a short-term visit at an overseas institution for a term and up to 6 months can apply for the scholarships. During the period of visit, the PhD student will be immersed in a research environment different from his/her original, and be expected to participate in research activities under the co-supervision by Supervisors from Lingnan and the host institution. MPhil and PhD students at Lingnan are expected to benefit from the academic exchanges with in-bound overseas research students.

For the amount of studentships and grants, please visit: