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Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
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Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP)


Music and performing arts are essential under the liberal arts education framework.


The Unit was established in Lingnan University (LU) in 2017 with the objectives:

  • to offer curricular and co-curricular courses and activities in a wide variety of topics;
  • to provide experiential learning opportunities for students to actively participate in music-making and in the performing arts;
  • to present performance events including concerts featuring music from various cultures, theatre and dance performances; and
  • to nurture leaders who can understand the connections between art forms and between arts and society, demonstrate interdisciplinary flexibility, and contribute artistic meanings to their communities.


Over the years, we have successfully delivered courses, activities, and many well-received events to enrich students’ musical and artistic learning experiences and to strengthen LU's community engagement. Our offerings continue growing steadily, gaining us a reputation

for innovation and uniqueness in music and arts education.