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Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP)


Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP)

Music and performing arts are essential under the liberal arts education framework. Our Unit was established in 2017 and since then, we have successfully delivered courses, activities, and many well-received events to enrich students’ musical and artistic learning experiences and strengthen Lingnan University's community engagement. Our offerings continue to grow steadily, and we are gradually gaining a reputation for our innovation and uniqueness in music and arts education.


Our objectives

  • To offer curricular and co-curricular courses and activities relating to music and performing arts
  • To provide experiential music and performing arts learning opportunities for students to actively participate in
  • To present a variety of performances featuring music from various cultures, and theatre and dance performances
  • To nurture future leaders who understand the connections between art forms, between arts and our society, demonstrate interdisciplinary flexibility, and contribute artistic meanings to their communities


Music and Performing Arts Education at Lingnan

Cross-boundary music education


Professor IP Kimho, Head of the Unit, aims at inspiring students from different backgrounds and disciplines to understand and experience the benefits of music beyond its aesthetic function. The Unit will focus on subjects related to both physical and mental health, as well as cultural sustainability.


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Ms. Catherine YAU, Associate Professor of Practice of the Unit, offers dancing courses for students. However, her goal is not to train professional dancers, nor does she require students to have a background in dance. Instead, it is more important to boost students' confidence and creativity through learning and practice. Students can broaden their horizons and learn to respect others through appreciating different arts and cultures, which is what Lingnan University advocates - a holistic and liberal education.


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Dr. Enrico Bertelli – Conductive Music


Dr. Enrico BERTELLI is the Adjunct Associate Professor of the Unit. He specializes in music technologies that can bring music education to all ages and needs. He introduces focus onto the future of musical instruments, the connection between art and sustainability, and the power of music to influence well-being.


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Professor Grace CHOU, former Head of the Unit, believes music classes are means to increase students' health and happiness in life, instead of exams to pass or credits to earn. She is devoted to expanding Lingnan’s liberal arts curriculum and maximizing the benefit of music education for all students, hoping music can stimulate their creativity in non-musical areas. 


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