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Welcoming Message


Established in 2017, the Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP) started to coordinate and expand both curricular and co-curricular music activities for the Lingnan community. Strengthening the liberal arts vision of Lingnan, WBLMP explores interdisciplinary programmes on music and performing arts. Beyond the nurturing of aesthetics appreciation of a diverse genres and styles of music, we attempt to re-visit links between the study of music with our own well-being, our natural and cultural environment, and to open new dialogues with practitioners and curators on issues concerning creativity and sustainability.


Since 2020 the WBLMP takes part in the Core Curriculum and General Education Office at Lingnan, highlighting our role in continuing the offerings of cluster courses centred on creativity. Our courses on creative expression with music, creative movement and dance, as well as cultural sustainability have matched high demand among students. These courses have also played significant roles in widening their horizons of music to concepts such as communicative musicality, and in other performing art forms, from dance to creative movement, from theatre to performativity of our body in connection with the surrounding space. The WBLMP’s collaboration with the Science Unit of Lingnan, both with the similar foundation in core curriculum offerings without providing a major programme, consolidates the forward-looking orientation of the WBLMP, with the implementation of innovative technology in learning the arts, fostering STEAM activities on Science and Music, and furthering ventures about the link between cultural and environmental sustainability.


We welcome students from any background to join our courses and special programmes. Our instrumental ensemble and choir offer both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing options for students to enjoy relaxing music-making activities during their campus life. Our minor in music programme will take one of the most pioneering approach in exploring the study of music with issues concerning well-being and sustainability. We also care about our students’ career prospect, therefore we collaborate with strategic partners in offering internship opportunities, including service-learning components in our courses aimed at knowledge transfer and community engagement. We shall increase the general public’s awareness that there is music at Lingnan.


Professor Kimho Ip
Head of Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit