Course Enhancements 2021-2022



Term 1

Guest sharing: Learning Traditional Music in a Contemporary Context
Ms. Reena Khubchandani, Hong Kong-based classical Hindustani vocalist
8 September 2021



Workshop: Body Movement and Well-being
Ms. Catherine Yau, choreographer and dance workshop leader
28 September 2021


Workshop: Voice and Well-being
Mr. Caleb Woo, lyric baritone and voice instructor
5 October 2021



Guest lecture: Traditional Folksongs and Rural Culture in Hong Kong
Dr. Stephen Cheung, researcher of Hong Kong indigenous culture and music
12 October 2021


Guided tour @Yim Tin Tsai
Dr. Stephen Cheung
17 October 2021

yim tin


ILP talk: Finding Self – The Story between a Spiritual Teacher and His Music
Venerable You Zhe, Tsz Shan Monastery (Malaysian Chinese Buddhist Monk; lyricist for Bodi Buddhist Fellowship musical; President of Joyful Melody Club, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts)
18 October 2021


Guest lecture: Sound, Meditation and Well-being
Venerable You Zhe
26 October 2021



Guided tours & experiential learning @Tsz Shan Monastery
Venerable You Zhe
2 & 7 November 2021



Service-learning: Music-making with Christian Family Service Centre
4 & 27 November 2021


Workshop : Coding and Conductive Music
Dr. Enrico Bertelli, music technology specialist
9 November 2021


Guest sharing: Reflections on Cultural Sustainability Initiatives through Music in Afghanistan
Ms. Jennifer Moberg Pforte, former Head of Strings at Afghanistan National Institute of Music, currently at the Christian Action Centre for Refugees
10 November 2021


Term 2

Hong Kong Arts Festival​ screening: Body and Soul (dance)
15 March 2022


Workshop: Body Movement and Expression
Ms. Catherine Yau
21 March 2022



Choral Ensemble recording project: Pixar
Mr. Caleb Woo
22 March 2022



Workshop : Coding and Conductive Music
Dr. Enrico Bertelli
4 April 2022



Guest lecture: Jyut Kek (Cantonese Opera) and Artistic Practice
Ms. Rose Li, performer and researcher of Cantonese Opera in contemporary context
7 April 2022


Guest lecture: The Must-Knows in Choral Music
Ms. Grace Leung, choral conductor, singer, and composer
19 April 2022


End-of-Term Sharing: “Try to Remember…” of Choral Ensemble, CLA9024, CLA9099a and MPA3001, hosted by student intern from MPA4001
26 April 2022