Lingnan University began to present concerts regularly from 2014, under a series entitled “Concerts@Lingnan”. With the establishment of the Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit that concerns a scope covering broader disciplines across the performing arts scene, the series was expanded to become “Performances@Lingnan”.


This is a performance series hosted by our Unit, providing live performances per year for the purpose of enriching the cultural life of campus for students. Aiming also to make Lingnan University a hub for cultural activity in the Western New Territories, all events are free and open to the public. Examples of community participation include hosting the visually impaired.


The series introduces students to different world cultures. Breadth has ranged from Irish to Indian to Argentinian to Scandinavian to Silk Road. With the growth of our coursework and ensembles, the series has become a platform not only to host important local and international performing artists but to showcase the creative work of our own students.


As a forum for showcasing guest practitioners, the series has both contributed to and drawn from our Musician-in-Residence programme.