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Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP)

Students' Performances


Conference for Higher Education Research & Asian Conference on Liberal Arts 2019
8 November 2019

The Unit was invited by the Vice-President to organize a mini-performance for the Conference co-hosted by Lingnan University, the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership and the International Academic Forum, for over 200 scholars and postgraduate students from 30 countries. The event was held in the Art Gallery, showcasing cross-cultural music-making with Asian and Western instruments. A Kazahk student, Aruzhan Zhumagulova, first performed on the traditional Kazahk music instrument Dombra. Then, Prof. Ip Kimho on the cello with three students on the violins and double bass performed the specially re-arranged jazz versions of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto in D as a string ensemble that demonstrated an impressive teacher-student collaboration.

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Asia Pacific Advanced Network Virtual Meeting & Conference
3 August 2020

The Joint Universities Computer Centre broadcasted at their online conference opening our video that features three students (History and Music majors from Lingnan University and Baptist University) playing Bach at the Double by Teddy Bor. This cultural performance, well-received by over 300 attendees across the Asia-Pacific region, has precisely demonstrated the Unit’s unique mission to foster cross-genre, cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional creativity.