Our Instrumental Ensemble (MPA3002/3102) and Choral Ensemble (MPA3003/3103) provide the opportunity for students to play/sing a variety of music together under guidance of instructors. Students will improve their instrumental/choral and musical skills while learning the unique characteristics of ensemble music-making.

The Ensembles are primarily welcoming credit-bearing courses for students at Lingnan to build up their creativity and music literacy. In the courses, we provide classes and involve 1-to-1 or small group coaching, recordings, rehearsals and presentations on campus. Apart from these, our ensembles have always been invited to perform in various venues and events.

Meanwhile, it is also a music platform that upholds our Unit's initiative, Link Sound, which aims to connect our current undergraduate students with post-graduates, LIFE/LUEA members, staff, alumni and community musicians through music-making activities at Lingnan. As such, everyone is welcome to join the ensembles in a non-credit-bearing way.