BUS2108 - Global Business Environment  

  First, Second, Summer Term 2019-20






Course Description

This course helps students to develop a broader understanding of the business world around them and of the importance of international business to their future business careers in Hong Kong or elsewhere.  There are five major component parts in this course.
- Part one defines globalisation, describes its drivers, and debates its merits and drawbacks.
- Part two focuses on national differences in political economy, culture and ethics and the implications of these differences for ethical decision marking.
- Part three presents a thorough review of international trade theories and describes the trade and investment environment in which international business occurs.
- Part four introduces the background to foreign exchange and describes the global monetary systems in which international business transactions are conducted.
- Part five examines alternative entry strategies that international business adopts and explains the key stages in importing, exporting and countertrade.


First Term, 2019-20 Second Term, 2019-20 Summer Term, 2019-20

Prof. Paul WHITLA (Course Coordinator) 

Prof. CHOW Kong-Wing, Clement 

Prof. LI Ling-Yee, Esther  

Dr. TANG Wing-Kin, Jacky

Prof. Paul WHITLA (Course Coordinator) 

Prof. LI Ling-Yee, Esther

Dr. TANG Wing-Kin, Jacky

Mr. TONG Shing, Steve

Prof. LI Ling-Yee, Esther





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Course Outline and Schedule

Prof. Paul WHITLA (Course Coordinator) :  L3

Prof. LI Ling-Yee, Esther :  L4

Dr. TANG Wing-Kin, Jacky L5

Mr. TONG Shing, Steve L6


Case for Individual Assignment (Term 2, 2019-20)

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