The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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    Stream Forum on 28 October 2014

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    Academic Honours Presentation on 12 November 2014

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    Information Day on 1 November 2014

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    "Walking with Lingnanians" Fundraising Walkathon on 19 October 2014

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    Team Building on 25 October 2014


Our Aim

A thriving business centre such as Hong Kong requires a constant contribution from high-calibre executives; the aim of our Department is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to meet this need.

Our Objectives

  • To prepare students for a future in management
  • To encourage students to develop an inquisitive mind, analytical thinking, and sound judgment
  • To provide an understanding of the role of management in the local and international environment
  • To provide a broad business education base as well as a specialisation

Teaching and Learning Approaches

We encourage students to learn actively through involvement in a wide variety of activities:

  • Lectures
  • Service Learning
  • Action Learning in Groups (Organising Activities, Doing Business, Problem Solving Exercises, Discussions and Debates, Role Play, Presentations, Case Studies, Field Projects, etc.)
  • Contacts with practitioners (Company Visits, Talks and Workshops, Sharing with Professionals, Mentoring Programme, etc.)
  • Student Enhancement Programme
  • Student Development Programmes