About Us

The Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) is a research platform consisting of universities, ministries of education and quality assurance entities joined together to conduct international research on higher education, policy and governance with particular focus on the Asia Pacific region.

In 2018, the Secretariat of APHERP officially moved to Lingnan University from East-West Centre in the USA.


Our Vision

APHERP aspires to be a major network and source of quality research and professional training across major higher education policy issues of common interest and importance throughout the breadth of the Asia-Pacific Region with a particular focus on identifying and conducting research on emerging issues and trends of significance to higher education.


Our Mission

APHERP will identify leading scholars of quality throughout the world with identified interests and capabilities in Asia Pacific higher education and work to promote their collaborative efforts to produce leading-edge scholarship. Our mission equally is to create quality outlets for such research and supportive funding for its conduct and conduct focused professional training activities based on the cumulative reach of this research.