Inter-University Research Collaboration

It is Lingnan's long-held belief that, with greater dialogue between Europe and Asia essential in a globalised world, the university is extremely well positioned, in relation to Greater China and East Asia, to play a central role in this process. Lingnan University and the UK’s University of Bath and Durham University have developed a strong collaborative partnership and Lingnan is one of the core partners in the new Centre for Research in Education in Asia (CREA), which aims to create an inter-university, interdisciplinary network for the exchange of ideas around education and the social sciences, between Europe and Asia. Since 2016, Lingnan University has begun collaborating with international partners from Asia, Europe and USA through the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) Consortium to promote higher education research. The launch of the Centre for Research in Education in Asia (CREA) will provide another great platform for scholars coming from Asia to work with their European counterparts. Leading scholars from the above two international research platforms will foster more comparative and international research in education, development studies and broader social sciences research.