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Alumni Club

The recruitment for the 2024/25 Alumni Club has concluded with great success! If you have an interest in joining us in the future, please keep an eye out for the upcoming term in 2025/26 next year. Thank you for your support!

​To review the precious moments of the Alumni Club Inaugural Gathering, please visit the
Photo Gallery
The term for each Alumni Club is one year. For the initial year, completion of the application form is all that is required. For subsequent terms, club members are expected to meet at least one of the following requirements to be eligible for renewal:
  • Participation in alumni activities organized by Alumni Relations Team
  • Volunteering roles in coordinating alumni activities (e.g. serving as a tutor for Cantonese classes / interview workshops)
  • Providing resources or networking referrals (e.g. introducing outstanding alumni for alumni interview)
  • Donation of HK$500 or above to the Alumni Development Fund
We are confident that the Alumni Club will serve as a valuable platform for our alumni to further the growth of Lingnan University. Its success relies primarily on your unwavering support. We urge you to seize this opportunity to become an active member of our Lingnanian community.
We eagerly anticipate your participation and the chance to foster stronger connections with you!

To learn more about the scheme, please feel free to contact us at 2616-8957 or via email at [email protected].