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Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition Hall Naming Ceremony and the 1st Exhibition Celebration

30 Oct 2023

Prof S. Joe Qin, Dr Stephen Li and Prof Joshua Mok (from left) stamp the seal to symbolise the official naming of the Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition Hall.

Lingnan University held the “Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition Hall Naming ceremony and the 1st Exhibition Celebration” on campus on 30 October.
Supported by the Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries of Lingnan University and the Chamber of Young Snow, the five-year cultural project received generous funding from the Chamber of Young Snow to support the establishment of the Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition Hall, and for graciously sharing its collection with the public.
Dr Stephen Li, the owner of Chamber of Young Snow, not only wholeheartedly supported the establishment of the exhibition hall, but also shared his insights on art during the event. He discussed future collaborations with Lingnan University to educate the public about Chinese culture and history through art exhibitions. President S. Joe Qin delivered a speech expressing gratitude to Dr Stephen Li for his long-standing support and expressed hopes of welcoming more like-minded individuals to join in promoting art and cultural heritage through technology and approaches that resonate with the public.