Dear Research and Taught Postgraduate students,

My warmest welcome to all of you.

At Lingnan, you will have ample opportunities to broaden and deepen your academic horizons and excel in your chosen field of interest. You will also find a vibrant and supportive university community that will help you grow, discover and achieve your aspirations.

I wish you every success with your studies. I am sure that your academic journeys at Lingnan would be both wonderful and rewarding.


Best wishes,

Leonard K Cheng

Globally Recognised with an International Approach

Lingnan University is globally recognised as a leading liberal arts university which excels in teaching quality, internationalisation, and research with social significance and sustainability. Lingnan is ranked 2nd worldwide for “Quality Education” in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact Rankings 2020, and is ranked in the world’s top 35 in “International Faculty” in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

Lingnan partners with leading universities for research which enriches its
Postgraduate Studies Programmes

Our taught and research postgraduate programmes are interdisciplinary, and offer students numerous opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and co-curricular/extra-curricular activities. That is a benefit of our extensive intercontinental partnership network. Lingnan has collaborated with leading universities and research institutes such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of Bath, and the University of Durham in the UK; Peking University, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat Sen University and the South China University of Technology in mainland China; the International Christian University and Tohoku University in Japan; the National Cheng Chi University and the National Taiwan University in Taiwan; McMaster University and the University of Toronto in Canada; and the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the East-West Centre in the US.

Lingnan also partners with the following research platforms to promote research into higher education:

Discover an international research community for RPG/TPG at Lingnan

International Applicants Pursuing their Research Degrees at LU

For the 2020-21 academic year, the University received applications from over 30 countries/regions for our Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, and 96.7% of applicants were international/non-local. We received applications from 18 countries/regions for direct admission to our RPG programmes, with 77% of these applications being non-local.

A Diverse TPG Student Body from 18 Countries/Regions

For the 2020-21 academic year, the University welcomes over 760 TPG students pursuing their master’s or professional doctorate degrees from all around the world. We are excited by the growing diversity of our TPG students, noting that the student body has increased in diversity by 31%. There is a record high of local students joining our TPG programmes, and we also welcome students from mainland China and other parts of East Asia and Southeast Asia, the US, and Europe.

Lingnan shows diversity in its teaching and learning opportunities for postgraduate students

Lingnan places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, and postgraduates are expected to participate in a large number of events, workshops, and professional seminars to equip themselves with updated knowledge and skills. Students also enjoy unparalleled opportunities to participate in international conferences and symposiums which are attended by outstanding elite scholars. Students can also apply for internships in a wide range of sectors.

Lingnan University co-hosted the international symposium on “Internationalisation and Quality Management in Higher Education” with APHERP, the School of Public Administration of the South China University of Technology, and the School of Education of Guangzhou University.
The International Postgraduate Summer School, co-hosted by Lingnan University and the University of Oxford, attracted the participation of postgraduate students and faculty members from different universities in mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
The 6th International Conference of Social Policy and Governance Innovation was held at Lingnan in October 2019.
Lingnan University, the International Academic Forum (IAFOR), and APHERP co-hosted the Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER) in 2019.
The Postgraduate Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning was held in March 2019.
The 2019 Dinner for Graduating Taught Postgraduate Students 2019

e-Handbook for postgraduate students