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Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Hons) in

Global Development and sustainability

Programme Overview

Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Hons) in Global Development and Sustainability trains global skills through a multi-campus experience and a multi-disciplinary curriculum. The programme is designed to train students' creative and critical thinking in global development and sustainability challenges.

  • A small diverse cohort with students from different cultural backgrounds
  • ONE Degree with Multi-campus and Multi-country Learning Experience in at least TWO different continents
  • Interdisciplinary studies with specific professional study areas
A Group of GDS Students at Lingnan University
Two Students at the University Library




  • Study abroad in two (up to three) different continents
  • Study at Lingnan's extensive partner university network
  • Free air tickets and tuition fees sponsored by the University


GDS students are encouraged to participate in enrichment activities to enhance their professional knowledge and personal development

Activities include:
career workshops, study tours, service-learning programmes and local, mainland and overseas internships

Mentorship Programme

Every GDS student will be assigned a mentor who will share his/her life experience and success stories.

Mentors include:
The Honourable Bernard Charnwut Chan GBS JP
Mr. Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen JP
Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang GBS JP

Career Prospect

Our graduates are expected to

  • Enter top graduate and professional programmes
  • Start enterprises and become leaders in business, management and industry
  • Work as leading policy makers in government and in international organisations like the United Nations and in non-profits and non-governmental organisations.

The GDS equips graduates with transferrable skills and interdisciplinary knowledge which can be applied to different industries. With their own specific professional study area, GDS graduates can also apply the area knowledge into related career fields.


GDS adopts an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum. Apart from GDS required courses and University-required courses, GDS Students must choose one of the four Concentrations and complete 15 credits of coursework in the chosen Concentration. A minimum of two courses must be at the 3000- or 4000-level.

Policy and Institutions Policy and Institutions
Culture and Community Culture and Community
Business and Economy Business and Economy
Human-Environment Interactions Human-Environment Interactions


Students are also required to select 15 credits of courses from Lingnan and/or study-abroad institutions that complement their major programme interests. Course choices must be proposed to and approved by the student’s academic adviser. A minimum of one course must be at the 3000-level or 4000-level. Courses may include, but are not limited to:

  • a. Introductory or prerequisite courses for chosen focus areas
  • b. Relevant cluster courses
  • c. Technical, methodological and/or advanced courses to further a specific expertise
  • d. Language, culture and politics courses in a particular world area
  • e. Courses not already taken within the chosen Concentration
  • f. Courses from the other (not-chosen) Concentration areas
  • g. Relevant credit-bearing internships or service-learning projects

Admission Requirements


JUPAS Code: JS 7123

Applicants must have obtained the following minimum requirements in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination:

English Language*: Level 3
Chinese Language: Level 3
Mathematics: Level 2
Citizenship and Social Development: Attained
Two Elective Subjects*: Level 2

*Higher subject relevancy weights:
English Language (x2)
Geography (x1.5)
Biology (x1.25)
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (x1.25)
Design and Applied Technology (x1.25)
Economics (x1.25)
Health Management and Social Care (x1.25)
Technology and Living (x1.25)
Tourism and Hospitality Studies (x1.25)


Students with qualifications other than HKDSE are welcome to apply for our programme. For details on the admission requirements, please refer to: Registry Website

Do I need to take any particular subjects at HKDSE ?

The GDS is an inter-disciplinary programme that welcomes applications from candidates in any studying disciplines. We do not have any preferred subjects.

Will there be any interviews?

Yes, for JUPAS applicants, the shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview(s) before and/or after the HKDSE exam. For Direct Admission/ JEE Admission, potential applicants will be invited for interview(s).

How will I be notified if I am shortlisted for interview?

If you are shortlisted for interview, you will receive notification individually by phone or by email. For non-local applicants who are not residing in Hong Kong, telephone or skype interviews will be arranged.

What will I be asked at the interviews?

The interview questions cover a wide range of regional and global issues. The purpose is to assess the soft skills, such as communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, of individual candidates, and whether there is a good fit between the candidate and the GDS.

Will I have a higher chance to be admitted if I take more electives at HKDSE?

For applicants who have taken more than two electives, extra score will be awarded if they attain good result in the extra elective(s).

Would there be any penalty for HKDSE retakers?

No penalty would be imposed for applicants with results in more than one sitting of the HKDSE exam.


Entrance Scholarships

Lingnan University Local Student Scholarships are offered to students with outstanding academic results. Non-local Student Scholarships are also available to support high calibre non-local students to pursue full-time undergraduate studies at Lingnan University.

The Principal Nomination Scheme is offered to high schools in our connections in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries or regions for nominating high-calibre students for the admissions with Non-local Student Scholarships.

Exchange Scholarships, Financial Aid and Air Ticket Sponsorships

GDS students participating in student exchange and/or study abroad programmes will receive free air tickets between Hong Kong and exchange destination and have the tuition fees of the visiting programmes sponsored by the University.A number of scholarships and financial aid schemes will also be available to eligible students.

Other Scholarships

More than 400 recognition scholarship awards donated by memorial funds, organisations, professional bodies and individuals are available. They are awarded to students in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and contributions to the University and the community.

What Our Students Say

CHUNG Hoi Suen, Kitty

@CHUNG Hoi Suen, Kitty

went on exchange to University of Guelph in Canada

"I made the best decision ever - stepping forward"

HUNG Tsun Sing

@HUNG Tsun Sing

went on exchange to Calvin College in the USA

"It is one of the best learning experiences that will help us grow fast"


Academic Advising

Every student will be assigned an academic advisor. Students should meet with their Academic Advisors to discuss their programme of studies at least once a term. Students are also required to discuss with your own advisor to select elective courses across different professional study areas, some of which will be taken abroad, to form a coherent individualised path of study.

Capstone Project

All GDS students are required to take a capstone research project in their final year of study. This year-long six-credit capstone course enables students to integrate, articulate, advance, and present the totality of their learning in the four-year programme. Its central focus is the execution of an individual project, which will culminate in the production of an e-portfolio.

The process and content of the course guides students to (a) integrate and evaluate the local and global, the disciplinary and interdisciplinary, and the academic and the experiential aspects of their learning; (b) apply their knowledge and skills to a substantial summative project; and (c) articulate and present their project ideas through written, oral, and e-technology formats. The various components of the course empower students not only to produce a capstone project but to confidently coalesce and apply the totality of their experience to competently embark on their post-university work and life.

GDS Students Talking about Their Capstone Project

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