MSc in Cross-disciplinary Technologies+

MSc in Cross-disciplinary Technologies+

MSc in Cross-disciplinary Technologies+

Programme Highlights


The future belongs to versatile talents possess cross-disciplinary knowledge.


Nowadays, the mainstream of technology and industry development is the integration of multiple disciplines. Both emerging and traditional industries are rapidly evolving to become interdisciplinary industries. Driven by such industrial transformation, the demand for interdisciplinary talents in different fields are constantly increasing.


In the foreseeable future, many jobs that rely on repetitive skills would be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. At the same time, core positions in various industries will be held by talents with essential competencies. It can be expected that talents who master knowledge and skills in two or more core disciplinaries will be the backbone and leaders of future enterprises, enabling them to achieve greater personal value in their career. 


Based on extensive research on the job market in Greater China and global talent market, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) of Lingnan University has identified that the core knowledge and skills needed for the future are: artificial intelligence, computer programming, advanced manufacturing, e-commerce and international e-business, new media and management, energy management, finance and accounting, and enterprise management and innovation. 


Therefore, in order to cultivate core talents that meet the needs of future industries, under the leadership Professor Chen Xi, the Dean and internationally renowned scientist, SIS has designed the Master of Science in Cross-disciplinary Technology+ (MScCT+) programme. This practical programme is tailored according to the demand of the current talent market. The aim of the programme is to establish the most solid knowledge and skills foundation for the success and career advancement of every graduate.

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The MScCT+ would offer eight concentrations, namely: 



 Advanced Material 


 Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing

 Business and Finance Management 

Carbon Neutralisation and Sustainability 

Computer Science 

Digital Media Business Management 

International e-Business 


Renewable Energy Management 


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