Head’s Message

Paul ValĂ©ry once ironized that a philosopher is a ‘specialist of the universal’, and although Lingnan philosophers indeed deal with the kinds of highly general topics that have been central to several philosophical traditions, they also engage with a range of practical issues and with specific research problems arising within other disciplines and areas of inquiry. Lingnan philosophers have a very strong research profile, and our areas of strength include the philosophy of science, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, and ethics and moral philosophy.

The word ‘philosophy’ has meant many things to many people, and the curriculum of the Department of Philosophy at Lingnan University is designed to respect this diversity. Students of philosophy at Lingnan learn about central aspects of the Chinese and Western philosophical traditions; they are confronted with current trends as well as with a range of questions and positions from the long and complex history of the discipline.

This web site provides more information about philosophy at Lingnan and about the work being done by the members of the staff. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about philosophy at Lingnan!

Professor Paisley LIVINGSTON