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Seleced Research Papers

An improved dynamic multi-objective optimization approach for nonlinear equation systems

Authors: Jing-Yu JI; Man Leung WONG

Journal: Information Sciences, p.204-227

E-pub date: 24-Jun-2021

Published date: 1-Oct-2021


Decomposition-based multiobjective optimization for nonlinear equation systems with many and infinitely many roots

Authors: Jing-Yu JI; Man Leung WONG

Journal: Information Sciences, p.605-623

E-pub date: 11-Aug-2022

Published date: 1-Sep-2022

ε-Constrained Multiobjective Differential Evolution Using Linear Population Size Expansion

Authors: Jing-Yu JI; Sanyou ZENG; Man Leung WONG

Journal: Information Sciences, p.445-464

E-pub date: 21-Jul-2022

Published date: 1-Sep-2022

Probabilistic Contextual and Structural Dependencies Learning in Grammar-Based Genetic Programming

Authors: Pak-Kan WONG; Man-Leung WONG; Kwong-Sak LEUNG

Journal: Evolutionary Computation, p.236-268

E-pub date: 13-Oct-2020

Published date: Jun-2021

“Price Tag” of Risk of Using E-Payment Service

Authors: Kevin K. W. HO; Wing Kuen Eric SEE-TO; Dickson K. W. CHIU

Journal: Journal of Internet Commerce, p.324-345

E-pub date: 20-Mar-2020

Published date: 1-Jul-2020

Grit Across Nations: The Cross-National Equivalence of the Grit-O Scale

Authors: Llewellyn E. VAN ZYL; Babet HEIJENK; Jeff KILBERT; Rebecca SHANKLAND; Nicolas B. VERGER; Sebastiaan ROTHMANN; Vincent  CHO; Katherine FENG; Eric W. K. SEE-TO; Lara C. ROLL; Leander VAN DER MEJI

Journal: Journal of Happiness Studies, p.3179-3213

E-pub date: 8-Jun-2022

Published date: 1-Oct-2022

The General Academic Self-Efficacy Scale : Psychometric Properties, Longitudinal Invariance, and Criterion Validity

Authors: Llewellyn E. VAN ZYL; Jeff KLIBERT; Rebecca SHANKLAND; Eric W.K. SEE- TO; Sebastiaan ROTHMANN

Journal: Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, p.777-789

E-pub date: 25-May-2022

Published date: Sep-2022

Deep Learning-driven Proactive Maintenance Management of IoT-empowered Smart Toilet

Authors: Eric W. K. SEE-TO; Xiao-Xi WANG;

Kwan-Yeung LEE; Man-Leung WONG; Hong-Ning DAI

Journal: IEEE Internet of Things Journal, p.2417-2429

E-pub date: 12-Oct-2022

Published date: Feb-2023

Lexicon-Based Sentiment Convolutional Neural Networks for Online Review Analysis

Authors: Minghui HUANG; Haoran XIE; Yanghui RAO; Yuwei LIU; Leonard K.M. POON; Fu Lee WANG

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, p.1337-1348

E-pub date: 28-May-2020

Published date: 1-Jul-2022

Parallel non-negative matrix tri-factorization for text data co-clustering

Authors: Yufu CHEN; Zhiqi LEI; Yanghui RAO; Haoran XIE; Fu Lee WANG; Jian YIN;Qing LI

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, p.5132-5146

E-pub date: 31-Jan-2022

Published date:  1-May-2023

Refine-Net: Normal Refinement Neural Network for Noisy Point Clouds

Authors: Haoran ZHOU; Honghua CHEN; Yingkui ZHANG; Mingqiang WEI; Haoran XIE; Jun WANG; Tong LU;Jing QIN; Xiao-Ping ZHANG

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, p.946-963

E-pub date: 25-Jan-2022

Published date: 1-Jan-2023

Sentiment Strength Detection With a Context- dependent Lexicon-based Convolutional Neural Network

Authors: Minghui HUANG; Haoran XIE; Yanghui RAO; Jingrong FENG; Fu Lee WANG

Journal: Information Sciences, p.389-399

E-pub date: 10-Feb-2020

Published date: 1-May-2020


Few-Shot Named Entity Recognition via Meta- Learning

Authors: Jing LI; Billy CHIU; Shanshan FENG; Hao WANG

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

E-pub date: ——

Published date: 17-Nov-2020

Neural Text Segmentation and Its Application to Sentiment Analysis

Authors: Jing LI; Billy CHIU; Shuo SHANG; Ling SHAO

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, p.828-842

E-pub date: 31-Mar-2020

Published date: 1-Feb-2022

Word embeddings for biomedical natural language processing

Authors: Billy CHIU; Simon BAKER

Journal: Linguistics and Language Compass

E-pub date: ——

Published date: 1-Dec-2020

Few-Shot Relation Extraction with Dual Graph : Neural Network Interaction

Authors: Jing LI; Shanshan FENG; Hon Wing Billy CHIU

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

E-pub date: 2-Jun-2023

Published date: ——

BaG: Behavior-Aware Group Detection in Crowded Urban Spaces Using WiFi Probes

Authors: Jiaxing SHEN; Jiannong CAO; Xuefeng LIU

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

E-pub date: 2-Jun-2020

Published date: 1-Dec-2021

HearFire : Indoor Fire Detection via Inaudible Acoustic Sensing

Authors: Zheng WANG; Yanwen WANG; Mi TIAN; Jiaxing SHEN

Journal: Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies

E-pub date: ——

Published date: 21-Dec-2022

MBA-STNet: Bayes-enhanced Discriminative Multi- task Learning for Flow Prediction

Authors: Hao MIAO; Jiaxing SHEN; Jiannong CAO; Jiangnan XIA; Senzhang WANG

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

E-pub date: 2-Jun-2022

Published date: ——

User Profiling Based on Nonlinguistic Audio Data

Authors: Jiaxing SHEN; Jiannong CAO; Oren LEDERMAN; Shaojie TANG; Alex Sandy PENTLAND

Journal: ACM Transactions on Information Systems

E-pub date: 8-Sep-2021

Published date: Jan-2022


Genome-Wide Search for SNP Interactions in GWAS Data : Algorithm, Feasibility, Replication Using Schizophrenia Datasets

Authors: Kwan Yeung LEE; Kwong Sak LEUNG; Suk Ling MA; Hon Cheong SO; Dan HUANG; Nelson Leung Sang TANG;Man Hon WONG

Journal: Frontiers in Genetics

E-pub date: ——

Published date: 28-Aug-2020

Unpacking the inter- and intra-urban differences of the association between health and exposure to heat and air quality in Australia using global and local machine learning models

Authors: Wang S, Cai, W, Tao Y, Sun QC, Wong PPY, Huang X, Liu Y

Journal: Science of The Total Environment

E-pub date: 10-Feb-2023

Published date: ——

A Spatiotemporal Data Mining Study to Identify High-Risk Neighbourhoods for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Incidents

Authors: Wong, PPY*, Low, CT, Cai, W, Leung, K, Lai, PC

Journal: Scientific Reports

E-pub date: 3-Mar-2022

Published date: Dec-2022

Associations between Incense-Burning Temples and Respiratory Mortality in Hong Kong

Authors: Cai, WH, Wong, PPY*

Journal: Atmosphere

E-pub date: ——

Published date: 16-Jun-2021


Impacts of social and environmental perceptions on preparedness and knowledge of air pollution risk: A study of adolescent males in an urbanized, high-density city

Authors: Ho, HC, Wong, PPY, Guo, C

Journal: Sustainable Cities and Society

E-pub date: 1-Jan-2021

Published date: Mar-2021