About The Institutional Research and Branding Office (IRBO)

Institutional Research and Branding Office (IRBO)

The Institutional Research and Branding Office is charged with the mission to provide accurate and comprehensive data related to various aspects of the University with which to support the University’s effort in building a unique, strong and recognizable brand on a local and global level.


The Office conducts research, collate and analyse a wide range of data on international ranking exercises, performance indicators, student enrollment and graduation rates, composition and retention of faculty members, research output and citations, knowledge transfer performances and others. The findings are used to support evidence-based decisions and planning of the University branding exercise and other endeavours.


On the branding front, the Office is responsible for the development and implementation of branding strategies. Apart from ensuring the strong and cohesive presence of the brand identity across various platforms, including websites, social media channels, and promotional materials in Hong Kong and overseas, it also steers various public relations and marketing activities targeting at students, alumni, partner institutions and other stakeholders to build brand awareness and loyalty.


To achieve the University’s strategic objective in stepping up its presence in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the Office works closely with the Office of Mainland Development on a wide variety of promotion, marketing and engagement activities in GBA to raise awareness among the Mainland students, researchers and institutions of Lingnan’s vision, mission as well as its leading education and research endeavours and achievements.