New Hold Shelves and Course Reserves Arrangements

Hold Shelf

A room is designated for housing Requests Pickup, Course Reserves and Back Issues of Newspapers at the Library 1/F.

With the Self-Checkout Station inside the room, you can self-access and check out the items. If you do not need the items, you can simply put them on the trolley inside the room.

Please note the below arrangement of Requests Pickup:

LU items

When you receive notification from the Library for your requested LU items, you can retrieve and check out the items before leaving the room.

HKALL and Interlibrary Loan items

When you receive notification from the Library for the requested HKALL and Interlibrary Loan items, you can retrieve the items at the Service Counter.

Course Reserves

Teaching staff and course instructors place the essential course items, such as books, journal articles and AV & Multimedia Materials available in the library collections or library-subscribed e-resources, in the Course Reserves to facilitate students’ accessibility to the course-related resources.

You can search the Course Reserves via 1-Search or Course Readings @ Library; by the Course Code or Course Name. You may check the call number and availability of these Course Reserves materials before self-access in the room.