LibQUAL+ Library Survey 2023


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the 226 participants who engaged with our LibQUAL+ Survey carried out between April and May 2023. The invaluable feedback provided will play a crucial role in the Library's commitment to enhancing our services in the future.

Let's take a moment to preview the results of the recent survey and compare them to the previous surveys conducted in years 2019 and 2015.

 Lingnan 2023Lingnan 2019Lingnan 2015
Minimum Mean (a)
Desired Mean (b)7.527.457.40
Perceived Mean (c)
Adequacy Mean (d) = (c) - (a)0.900.870.90
Superiority Mean (e) = (c) - (b)-0.4-0.42-0.61

In case you are not familiar with this survey, a scale from 1 to 9 is used for the survey, and the definition of service levels are as follows:

LibQUAL+ Definition

In the 2023 survey, noticeable improvements were seen across all scales, encompassing the minimum acceptable level, desired level, and perceived quality of library services. These encouraging results will inform our planning of future services, curating relevant collections, and implementing various facilities to cater to our growing user population.

The complete report will be made available on the Library website in due course.

The LibQUAL+ Survey Lucky Draw took place on May 9, 2023. Dr. Louisa Lam, the Chief Information Officer and University Librarian, had the pleasure of presenting the prizes to the winners. Please join us in celebrating with our Lucky Draw winners, whose joyous expressions can be seen in the photos below! Once again, thank you for your continued support and involvement in helping us enhance library services.

LibQUAL+ Lucky Draw 1 LibQUAL+ Lucky Draw 2 LibQUAL+ Lucky Draw 3