Contribution to Core Curriculum

The Department of Philosophy delivers the following common core courses and cluster courses in the Core Curriculum.

Common Core Courses

§  CCC8011 Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation (Effective from 2018-19)

§  CCC8003 Understanding Morality (Deleted from 2019-20)

§  CCC8001 Logic and Critical Thinking (Deleted from 2018-19)


Cluster Courses

§  CLA9022 Understanding Photography

§  CLB9025 Love and Sexuality

§  CLB9026 Beauty (Deleted from 2020-21)

§  CLB9029 Science Fiction in Literature and Visual Arts

§  CLB9032 Understanding Morality

§  CLC9021 Morality and Markets

§  CLD9020 Artificial Intelligence and Society

§  CLD9021 Technology and the Future of Mankind

§  CLD9023 Space and Time

§  CLE9035 Information, Misinformation, and the Media