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International Symposium
Africa-China Relations in the Digital Era:
Power, Precarities and Prospects

12 - 13 April 2024 (Friday – Saturday)

LYH201 Lau Lee Yuen Haan Amenities Building, Lingnan University|Hybrid


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(Meeting ID: 995 1327 7976, Passcode: 2024April)



The digital age has had a profound impact on how countries interact and engage with one another. It has transformed traditional modes of communication, accelerated the pace of information exchange, and opened up new avenues for economic cooperation and development. Africa and China, as key players in the global arena, have not been immune to these changes and have witnessed a notable shift in their relationship as a result of the ongoing rapid digitalisation. The symposium, under the theme Africa-China Relations in the Digital Era: Power, Precarities and Prospects, aims to delve into the evolving nature of Africa-China relations and the implications of the expanding digital and technological advancement on this field of study.


The symposium will explore the power and governance dimensions of Africa-China relations in the digital age. The digital revolution has brought about changes in the distribution of power, with technological prowess and connectivity playing an increasingly influential role. Understanding how power is wielded and negotiated in the Africa-China relationship within this digital context is essential for comprehending the dynamics at play. The symposium will thus deliberate on a question such as: What are the implications of technological and digital development on political and governance relations between China and African countries?


Moreover, the precarities in Africa-China relations will be explored. The digital divide at government, institutional and individual levels, characterized by disparities in access to and utilization of digital technologies, poses challenges for stakeholders as they strive strengthen their relationships. The overarching question to address here is: How is digital and technological advancement impacting how China and African institutions and people engage with each other and the implications for Africa-China relations?


Furthermore, the symposium will also explore the prospects for future collaboration between Africa and China in the digital age. Africa-China relations is confronted with numerous challenges (e.g. trade imbalances, and security concerns). The symposium will offer a platform to debate on recurrent and existential challenges and how they can be managed in the digital age. Thus, the symposium will also attend to the broader question of: In what ways can technological innovation and knowledge transfer enhance the multi-sectoral Africa-China relations?


The above issues will be explored from historical and contemporary perspectives to offer holistic view on the state of the field.





Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR

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Ansoumane Douty DIAKITE

University of Saint Joseph, Macao SAR

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The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Nicholas LOUBERE

Lund University, Sweden

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

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Mark Kwaku Mensah OBENG

University of Ghana, Ghana

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University of Helsinki, Finland 

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Motolani PELTOLA

Tampere University, Finland

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QIAN Jiwei

National University of Singapore, Singapore 

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TANG Xiaoyang

Tsinghua University, China

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XU Liang

Peking University, China

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Edson ZISO

The University of Adelaide, Australia

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Key themes of the symposium

Topics of interest in the context of the theme of the symposium can relate to these and related areas:

  1. Political and economic aspect of Africa-China engagement
    1. Geopolitics and Africa-China relations
    2. Infrastructure investment and policies (e.g. digital/technology infrastructure)
    3. Knowledge and innovation transfer in China and Africa (e.g. cybersecurity and technological trade)
    4. Technology and natural resource interests and trade
  2. Security and peace
  3. People-to-people engagements
    1. Perceptions and attitudes towards Africans in China and Chinese in Africa
    2. Capacity building of Africans and Chinese in technological applications and development
    3. Cultural exchanges between China and Africa
  4. Human development and well-being
    1. Health and well-being
    2. Educational partnerships and experiences of people involved


The symposium will serve as a platform for in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and critical analysis of Africa-China relations in the digital age.


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Hosted by

  • School of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University
  • Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University




  • Africa-China Research Network
  • International Classroom for Postgraduate Research Methodology Enhancement



Organising Committee

  • Joshua MOK Ka-ho
  • AMOAH Padmore Adusei
  • OLADOSU Ayomide Oluwaseyi
  • Emily WONG Shuk Wai
  • Polly WONG Hoi Ying


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