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The programme aims to meet the rising demand for highly skilled talents in public management and public administration. With dual emphasis on public policy/administration and governance, this programme is designed to meet the labour market needs to promote fast development and good governance in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), particularly when Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will actively work with Macau Special Administrative Region and other nine cities in the Guangdong province. Anticipating more people to people interactions across borders would result in development issues, which requires public policy and governance measures appropriate for better economic, social and cultural integration across the GBA, the proposed programme will offer new insights and comparative / international perspectives for student learning. The Programme adopts an interdisciplinary learning approach to enhance student learning through cross-disciplinary teaching and learning, guiding students to engage in critical reflections on how to achieve high quality development and good governance. Students will have opportunities for experiential learning. Moreover, diverse teaching and learning activities, with careful design of blended learning, will enable students to become engaged learners.



Key Features of the Programme


  1. Offering the interdisciplinary Master programme combining comparative public policy /

administration and governance in Asia;

  1.  Supporting the strategic development of the University in promoting interdisciplinary


  1. Providing students with strong experiential learning;
  2. 4 Nurturing professionals for the growing demand of comparative public administration


  1. Training skilled talents to meet the labour market needs to promote good governance in

the Greater Bay Area.


Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)


Graduates from the Programme will be able to:

  1.  Command a wide range of knowledge of critical concepts about public policy /

administration and governance from comparative and international perspectives.

  1.  Use a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge about policy-making and

public management.

  1. Identify and analyse issues to practice good governance.
  2. Generate consciousness and professional knowledge in creative solutions in public

policy-making and management.

Programme Leaflet