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AI Empowers Educational Innovation: Lingnan University Invites Chinese Y.M.C.A Primary School Principal Lo King Chu to Share AI in Education Practices

On March 2, 2024, Lingnan University in Hong Kong hosted an engaging sharing and exchange event focusing on the"AI+ Education" concept and in-depth discussions on educational psychology and teaching strategies. This event featured a distinguished practitioner in the field of Hong Kong sports education technology, Principal Lo King Chu of the Chinese Y.M.C.A Primary School. The event aimed to deepen students' understanding of the application of teaching in the course"Educational Psychology: Teaching and Learning Strategies" within the Organizational Psychology and Education Management (OPEM) project. It attracted the participation of over a hundred attendees.


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During this exchange, Principal Lo King Chu provided a comprehensive analysis and introduction to the current educational landscape. He emphasized the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, which is reshaping society, and highlighted the continuous evolution of education. He stressed the need for teachers to continually develop and enhance their abilities, focusing on how to integrate artificial intelligence into teaching to achieve more efficient and innovative educational practices, thereby increasing students' learning motivation and enthusiasm.


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Principal Lo King Chu demonstrated how AI technology is integrated into teaching activities through case studies. Distinguishing from traditional sports classes teaching activities such as football, basketball, and volleyball, he showcased the diverse and enriching forms of physical activities for students, including VR cycling and intelligent rowing machines. Furthermore, Principal Lo King Chu highlighted how teachers can use AI technology to assess students' physical data, evaluate their athletic abilities and training needs, and tailor personalized training programs based on individual learning characteristics and requirements. This aligns with the principle of student-centric, personalized teaching.


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In addition to showcasing AI's application in physical education, Principal Lo King Chu engaged participants by presenting AI-generated picture books to vividly demonstrate the power of AI. He emphasized that AI drawing is a valuable teaching method for future professionals, as it helps students master artistic creation techniques, stimulates creativity, and enhances their artistic literacy. In conclusion, Principal Lo King Chu concluded the presentation with the proverb,"One person walks fast, but a group goes far," elevating the entire sharing session to a climax, leaving the audience greatly enlightened.


Following the conclusion of the sharing, Principal Lo King Chu engaged in lively interactions with Lingnan University students present at the event. Participants expressed their opinions and views on various aspects, including how AI technology integrates with teaching practices and the challenges faced in applying AI technology to educational activities. The atmosphere was intense, filled with continuous applause. Finally, Principal Lo King Chu urged the attending teachers and students to, while embracing new technologies, not forget their initial passion. He emphasized that love is the essence and starting point of education, urging everyone to maintain a heart full of love for students, igniting lives and nurturing students towards the future.


The high praise and gratitude expressed by Lingnan University's School of Graduate Studies for Principal Lo King Chu's sharing underscored the acknowledgment of the limitless charm of artificial intelligence technology in future classroom designs. They called upon all teachers and students present to absorb the essence of this sharing, emphasizing the importance of technology application, classroom innovation, and the humanistic care within education. This exchange event received high acclaim and positive feedback from students, with many expressing that it not only deepened their understanding of the"AI + Education" concept but also provided further insight into how to excel as an educational practitioner. There is collective anticipation for more similar sharing and exchange events in the future to better adapt to the demands of educational development in the new era.


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