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Brown-Bag seminar: Migrant Children's Education Policy Implementation

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The School of Graduate Studies provide"Academic Learning Enhancement" activities for students in LEAP program. Now we welcome all students to join the “Brown-Bag seminar”.
Brown-Bag seminar: Migrant Children's Education Policy Implementation
Date: 4th December 2023 (Mon) 
Time:  12:00 pm-14:00 pm   
Mode: Hybrid (Face-to-face or Zoom)     
Venue: LYH 201/1 
Speaker: Mr. QIU Wanlin 
Event Support: Lunch & Drink

This study investigates the intricate dynamics of migrant children's education within the context of the Hukou system in China. The research explains the background, focusing on the relationship between the Hukou system and the distribution of social welfare. Building on this foundational understanding, an analytical framework is crafted, rooted in policy network theory and educational policy implementation theory. This framework aids in analyzing the specific dynamics of policy implementation and the interactions of policy groups.
Data collection took place in Xi'an. At this stage, the research employed purposive sampling as the primary method. Insights were garnered from five key groups: local government officials, secondary school principals, secondary school teachers, local parents, and migrant parents. These perspectives were primarily sourced through semi-structured interviews. Additional research and statistical data further augmented the analytical process.
The study's core findings are classified into two main categories: policy implementations at the government level and the school level. It's observed that local governments have undergone a shift in their perspectives on migrant children's education policies. In contrast, educational institutions have revealed two distinct strategies: expansionary and conservative.
Furthermore, this presentation emphasizes the instrumental role of interest groups, with a focus on migrant and local parents, in influencing policy outcomes. A detailed examination is conducted on both the overt and covert educational disparities faced by migrant children. Additionally, the various participatory avenues available to parents, along with the challenges they face, are highlighted.
In conclusion, the study distills its major findings, leading to an in-depth discussion on the theoretical and practical implications drawn from the research.

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