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Empowering Postgraduate Students on Mental Health Well-being: What is Authentic Happiness?

The School of Graduate Studies (GS) and Office of Student Affairs co-organized a LEAP activity - the second phase of Mental Health Workshop on 24th October. With the theme of"What is authentic happiness?", the workshop aimed to provide invaluable support to postgraduate students by introducing them to positive psychology, helping them identify their strengths, and teaching them how to achieve a state of mind flow.


The LEAP program provides a platform for the students to learn tips and skills on enhancing the mental health workshop, which aims to enhance postgraduates' mental well-being and share cutting-edge and practical knowledge about psychology with them. Positive feedback was also received from the students who participated.


I am a psychology major, and through this workshop, I have learned a lot of methodological skills that I can apply to my future counseling work. ---Ms. YANG


Through the activity where the teacher asked us to write about our strengths and be thankful to ourselves, I am more confident about myself --- Mr. ZHOU


The GS is committed to working with other LU communities fostering deep communication and strengthening students' bonds, embracing well-being, and supporting each other.


Overall, the workshop had a positive impact on postgraduate students' mental health and well-being by providing them with practical and useful knowledge and skills. It also fostered a sense of community and support amongst the students.


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